How to Create a B2B Marketing Strategy


Every B2B marketing strategy should be designed to improve lead generation. Unfortunately, many companies are struggling to create the right plan for their marketing needs. We are therefore providing some handy tips on how to create a B2B marketing strategy to generate more leads.

Create Buyer Personas

It is impossible to target everyone in one marketing campaign, which is why you should focus your campaign on a core audience. All other demographics will, therefore, be secondary to your target market. Not only should you ask yourself who they are, but you should also ask yourself what motivates a buyer persona and what problems they may have that you can resolve. Read buyer persona examples on how to segment customers to identify your primary audience.

Identify the Right Marketing Strategy

Once you have narrowed down your target market, your next step should be to identify the best content to resonate with your audience. To do so, you must first identify what they care about and the typical buying journey.

For example, what do they like to buy and what common marketing tactics do they respond to? What motivates a customer to buy a product? How can your business help them? Understand what makes a potential customer tick to create a strategy that will improve lead generation.

Define Conversion Goals

Define conversion goals to utilize every form of content within your marketing strategy, which should each lead a customer to buy a product from your company. While some content will simply lead a customer to another piece of content, others should create a purchasing path to create an organic journey to the checkout. Define conversion goals that could be as simple as leading a social media follower to your website, or as complex as turning a visitor into a customer.

Identify Contact Points

The modern customer wants to build a relationship with a brand before they invest in a product or service. For this reason, it is important to identify the best contact methods to communicate with existing or potential customers, and how you are going to engage with an audience effectively. For example, some potential B2B customers may prefer for you to communicate with them via Facebook, Skype or LinkedIn.

Refine Your Strategy

It’s unlikely you will get everything right when creating your first marketing strategy. It’s therefore important to return to the drawing board after a few months to analyze your statistics, so you can alter a strategy to generate additional leads and stay on top of the latest marketing trends. Ensure you implement a quality control process to ensure every buying process stage works successfully, from performance reviews to marketing trend monitoring.

There is no golden ticket to B2B marketing success. You must be willing to work hard, test strategies and invest a considerable amount of time to achieve your sales and marketing goals. It’s vital to understand your primary audience and the best marketing channels, while having the flexibility to adapt your strategy when necessary.


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