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((L-R) Abby Douglas, Dina Colosimo, Kristi Cutter, Lindsey Kelly, RanDee Anshutz, Nova Newman, Lindsey Rux and Haley Palmer. Not pictured: Natasha Dempsey, Rita Shearer, Diane Wilbur, Amber Ham and Amy Kowalski | Photo Courtesy of Synergy Health & Wellness)

Celebrating its eighth anniversary as a comprehensive center for diabetes and nutrition counseling and massage therapy, Synergy Health & Wellness’ echoes its commitment to patient-centered health programs for all bodies in 2020.

What is different about Synergy? The clinic was conceived on the vision of creating community within the roots of healthcare by its passionate founder, RanDee Anshutz. What organically began with massage therapy has evolved into extensive nutrition therapies, diabetes counseling and Body Trust programs. Its unique team of nine clinicians, including licensed massage therapists, registered dietitian nutritionists and an R.N. and certified diabetes educator, share a passion for an inclusive approach that celebrates and nurtures people of every size, weight, ability, race, gender, orientation, religion or age. Popular upcoming programs include:

  • WalkStrong: 5k and 10k walk training program. Fostering its philosophy to help every body thrive, this 12-week program begins March 3 at 6pm. In its ninth season, WalkStrong welcomes anyone who is interested in getting fit and having fun in an inclusive setting.
  • Body Trust: Twelve-week series will help attendees explore a different approach to their body in 2020. They will explore making peace with food and their bodies, and release body shame at the same time.
  • Thriving with Diabetes: Complete diabetes program that is accredited by the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE). This program includes individual support and a four-week group session for those who are new to diabetes or who are needing a little extra help with improving their blood sugars. Participants will experience lower HbA1c, decreased complications and better quality of life.

Synergy is also proud to exclusively follow a Health at Every Size (HAES) philosophy. In a culture seemingly obsessed with appearance, the growing movement offers an accepting alternative: embracing one’s individual shape and size and focusing on other measures of health — rather than focusing on a perceived physical ideal. “Synergy believes that positive body image is for people of every size,” says Anshutz, Synergy founder, licensed massage therapist, registered dietitian nutritionist and certified Body Trust provider.

Dedicated to its patient-centered approach, Synergy continuously creates new programs to nourish the needs of its patients and the community. They understand that building synergies with physicians and therapists in the community is also essential to build more well-rounded support for people in the region. • 541-323-3488


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