Cryptocurrency – What to Expect In 2019?


Hailed to be the beginning of something great, cryptocurrency has delivered both positive and adverse opinions from business owners and entrepreneurs. Released as an open-source software earlier in 2009, cryptocurrency is created to oppose the centralized banking and digital currency system.

Though decentralization is a promising aspect, cryptocurrency is yet to make its stand in the marketplace. That said, 2018 is a year to forget, the prices of major cryptocurrencies are at the lowest they’ve been in recent years. The crypto market cap echoes the grim reality as it falls to just over $100 billion from its all-time high $830 billion.


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So, is it an alarming bell for all those promises and propaganda? Maybe not, according to industry insiders, 2019 will see some new names with big money entering the space. There are also several blockchain projects coming up to spark the interest this year.

So, here’s what you can expect to see in 2019.

Introduction Of New Privacy Protocols

It’s good news for all those privacy seekers. 2019 will see the launch of most anxiously awaited crypto projects in recent years. With Grin and Mimblewimble entering the stage, the users may well get back the anonymity that they once used to enjoy. Grin and Beam will make use of Mimblewimble cryptography to facilitate improved privacy in transactions.

As its website says, Grin has no amounts and address. Therefore, the transactions will be aggregated and won’t be controlled by any companies or foundations. Beam, On the other hand, has features including removing past transaction data. Together they provide improved privacy that has been stripped away by blockchain surveillance throughout the years.

Furthermore, 2019 will also see Bitcoin core acquiring Schnorr signature as well as the introduction of apps, protocols, and privacy platforms.

STOs Replacing ICOs

Both these terms have somewhat similar meanings and are two fundraising methods. However, given that ICOs don’t provide any rights to cash flows and company voting rights, STOs are preferred by the majority.  Not to mention, the increase in legal agreement cost of holding an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has drowned them into depths in 2018.

That said, according to experts, 2019 will bring STOs into the mainframe as a model for crypto projects. The STO infrastructure will replace its counterparts or the companies with ICOs will restructure them to STOs in 2019.

Launch Of Decentralized Credit Network

It’s no secret that blockchain can disrupt the traditional banking system. But, along with decentralization, it can improve the transparency in fund transfers and can make them quite convenient in many ways. With a decentralized financial mechanism in place, people can take out loans without having to use an intermediary or central authority.

Decentralized credit networks are based on P2P (peer-to-peer) services that can replace banks. They enable users to manage and access financial tools for protecting assets and managing risks. In shorts, the introduction of a decentralized credit network will allow us to take out loans with zero fees and interest.

Other Things To Expect In 2019

Expectations are high this time around; this could be the year we witness mass adoption of cryptocurrency. Also, we may well see virtual blockchain games entering the stage. Inside speculations suggest that the introduction of Decentraland’s virtual world is set to build the base for all crypto projects and games this year.

It doesn’t end there; the bitcoin cash community will finally be ready for institutional investors. It will bring new money into cryptocurrency giving them fresh opportunities in the marketplace. In shorts, 2019 is going to be an excellent year for Entrepreneurs if they find the right altcoins to invest in.  Understand what you’re investing in and learn how to spend. There are various types of cryptocurrency available in the market, hence, make your pick depending on your business.

Added to that, the new year will also see the addition of updated cybersecurity and regulations. The cybersecurity operators are ready to address concerns over the transactions and safety. On the other hand, governments and financial institutions will implement new ideas to regulate the markets in 2019.


The recent experience has taught the crypto markets how to set the pace. They have realized that active growth in the marketplace takes time. 2019 brings fresh hopes, and it’s a great year to begin your investments in cryptocurrency.


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