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DHgate is a major Chinese ecommerce platform that has been trading for more than ten years. It is a website used to buy items related to Fashion, health, and hair, Electronics, sports and outdoors, cell phones, and accessories. These items include Bags, wedding dresses, smart TVs, Eyelashes, fitness products, jewelry’, shoes, cameras, iPhones, and other available items.

As of April 2010, there are over 12 million products available to purchase on DHgate, and there are about 1.5 million registered sellers on DHgate.

How DHgate works

There are series of questions customers ask as to how DHgate works.

DHgate can be used to order multiple items at a time and have them shipped at once. Ordering numerous things at once is usually of great benefit to the customer. I will explain this further.

A price is usually fixed for a particular product, generally lower for purchases over a certain amount in numbers. This lets us know that buying just an item isn’t favorable since almost all these items come from China. It is of a better profit to buy it in bulk and have it shipped at once. As buying only one unit will eat up profit when shipping.

DHgate doesn’t sell the products, and they hook customers up with the sellers

Furthermore, if a seller uses escrow, there is nothing to worry about; each time a payment is made with escrow, the money goes right to DHgate; once the customer receives the items, approval is sent, and DHgate sends the money to the seller.

Why Choose DHgate?

  • Unlimited protection for buyers and sellers
  • When buying on DHgate, the customer’s card details are made secret and are not disclosed with any seller.
  • Acceptance of all major cards
  • It offers lower prices than other major websites
  • It provides a discount for any new purchase as well as discounts for items worth $50 or more
  • Membership is free
  • Shipping goods to countries around the world
  • There are over 10 million products available from active sellers, and these products are sold out in their lowest prices
  • Payments are refunded when a customer didn’t receive goods due to a reason or the other
  • Each seller is rated according to its quality, shipping time, delivery options, and customer services. This will allow customers to avoid any seller with a bad rating.
  • Availability for trading in bulk and single unit depending on the choice of the customer
  • Many suppliers offer free delivery even on single units, although it is usually slow, it can be upgraded.
  • DHgate offers quality products to other sites.

What Good thing does paying with escrow offer?

When a payment is made with escrow, there are lots of benefits to enjoy.

Firstly, the payment is made directly to DHgate, and this will give an avenue for proper monitoring of goods paid.

Secondly, if a customer does not send an approval (an approval is usually assigned when a customer receives goods he ordered), DHgate does not pay the seller.

A seller gets paid when the customer receives goods.

If a shipment gets seized by custom, a customer receives his /her money back without any loss.


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