Digital Marketing Trends For 2020: How To Choose Which One Is For You


Since the advent of the World Wide Web, businesses have had to create a digital marketing campaign to reach their target audience. With more and more people spending the majority of their waking moments on their phones or in front of their computers, it has become imperative for companies to keep up with digital marketing trends.

Consumers’ needs and preferences are continually evolving, which is why business owners must embrace and thrive in rapid change. You still have to figure out, however, which trends will deliver favorable long-term results and which ones have short-term implications only. For instance, you should make sure to prioritize future proofing your marketing with SEO, a development that has proven to be useful in today’s digital age.

A lot of digital marketing trends are being developed these days. Here are some that you should watch out for in 2020 and see how you can incorporate them in your current campaigns:

  1. Videos Will Be Imperative

Video began to gain traction in recent years due, in part, to smartphones and computers becoming more powerful. This year, businesses must focus on creating this type of content to attract and engage with their target audience, especially the younger ones.

The best thing about video is that it allows you to publish a lot of data onto your ads without worrying about information overload. You can control the pace of the video and build it up for a grand reveal. With this, you can hook potential customers and reel them in for direct marketing.

  1. Emphasis On Context To Increase

One of the small business digital marketing strategies that still work during COVID-19 is content marketing. Keywords and links embedded in your articles will continue to be crucial factors for your online advertising efforts. However, your content needs to be more comprehensive and understandable by human users, especially now that Google has updated its algorithm last November.

The update entailed a new BERT system, which aims to help the search engine understand natural language used in queries better. Google has always prioritized content that’s in-depth, comprehensive, accurate, and relevant to the times. It’s also looking at user intent now, which is why context has become crucial for digital marketing.

  1. Conversing With Chatbots

Chatbots are software programs that use artificial intelligence (AI) to simulate conversations with your customers. Facebook rolled out this feature in its platform for pages, which are typically used by brands. With this, business owners can start a dialogue with users who visit their page to inquire about their products and services. The prompt answers can also help boost potential customers’ interest in your company.

Preparing a chatbot is relatively straightforward. You just have to take note of the common questions that consumers may ask about your brand. Then, when people click on their initial purpose for visiting your website, the subsequent line of questioning follows the natural progression, which is why conversing with chatbots still makes sense for users.

  1. Get Ready For More Interactive Content

Quizzes and polls are the most common types of interactive content. Instagram even has a feature that allows brands to easily create this type of content on their Stories. It’s not only fun, but it’s also highly effective at educating consumers about your products and services.

Another type of interactive content is augmented reality (AR) ads. Some makeup companies use this feature to allow customers to test out their beauty products without actually putting them on. For instance, a potential buyer can check if a lipstick shade looks good on them by turning on their camera and using the filters to assess the color on their lips.

360-degree videos are also gaining traction among real estate companies, especially during the pandemic. With this technology, clients can have house viewings through virtual tours. They no longer have to visit the property to check the different rooms and furnishings.

  1. Voice-Powered Search To Rise

It’s predicted that there will be an increase in voice-powered search due to the development of smart devices and assistants, such as Siri, Google, Alexa, and Cortana. This trend ties closely to context, focusing on natural language in your content rather than creating for bots.


Having a digital marketing strategy is imperative in today’s modern world. Trends such as the continued rise of video and interactive content, chatbots, and emphasis on context, especially with voice-powered search, will influence how businesses reach their target audiences. You must be aware of the opportunities they present and take advantage of the benefits they offer, while ensuring that you focus on the experience of consumers first and foremost.


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