Earn Money with Privacy and anonymity using bitcoin


Many people prefer the anonymity and privacy that P2P exchanges offer, because it is based on the cryptocurrency you are trading and the type of payment you choose, a P2P exchange can make your public wallet addresses very much. More difficult to track, thus offering you a higher level of confidentiality.

This same care with the treatment of personal information is not possible in most centralized exchanges, because particularly, when buying or selling a cryptocurrency that uses transparent and public blockchain, the chances that your information will be exposed to third parties are greater.

P2P exchanges offer better access:

Accessibility is another advantage that P2P exchanges offer, often over central exchanges. We live in the 21st century, but have you ever thought that there are still people all over the world who do not have access to bank accounts or the necessary identification to carry out the KYC process?

There are cases in countries where, for example, a document as common as a passport is very expensive or these are used as a control device to blackmail the population. So what are the chances for these people to be able to pay to get one if they don’t have the resources to travel or if they just can’t afford it?

People who frequently live in somewhat steady nations are now and again uninformed of the effects that occurrence such as war, oppressive governments, financial implosions, or even racial or minority favoritism can have on the everyday lives of thousands of people. And that one of the ways in which cryptocurrencies that can build big difference in the lives of this vulnerable population is by helping them protect themselves financially if they face a serious crisis that forces them to make drastic economic decisions.

Faster trade:

Many of us have had the pleasure of depositing a bank check only to end up seeing how in the end we must wait days for the transaction to rebound, or for a simple local transfer from one bank to another to take more than a day because they are different financial institutions not to mention international money transfers. Often exacerbated by a number of relatively unpredictable factors.

If you use centralized exchange, as you will see, the KYC process is a 100% option, so there is a similarly long validation wait period that users of P2P exchanges do not experience The P2P platform is focused on each user’s situation and is concerned about providing an equally comfortable experience for all customers.

The more payments you have, the faster the transaction. By choosing the option to choose the best payment method, you can perform faster operations and improve your experience. For example, cash transactions (Fiat) are usually much faster than bank transfers, so local operations at coffee shops exchanging cryptocurrencies can easily outweigh long-term bank transfers. Therefore, P2P exchange always provides more options and finds the most accessible and fast way in each situation. You can learn how the trade the bitcoin through many videos. So watch the video and make profit.

Strong community spirit:

Finally, some people prefer a more personalized way of doing business and want to be able to deal directly with others without having to look at a lot of numbers in their purchase orders. Today, cash payments go one step further, allowing anyone to face another person and complete the surgery.

In addition, the P2P exchange contains thousands of merchants who value independent business ethics, which is very positive for many within the crypto community. After all, who wants the central exchange to monopolize the entire crypto market when it can benefit the community?

Thus, is, in fact, you can know only platform that allows its users to perceive a passive flow of income for each referral that they affiliate and that begins to operate on the page, and in turn, encourages the community to participate in its processes. Voting to make important decisions about the site, also making it one of the most important platforms in the P2P world. This allows us to say that we are one of the first crypto democracies that currently exist, made by and for the people.


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