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Behind Branding for Rosewood Texas Raised Wagyu Beef


Building on their agricultural background, Wagyu beef branding experience and love of good food, Every Idea Marketing was selected as the agency to assist Rosewood Ranches and the Jack Rose Cattle Company with the branding and launch of their new Rosewood Texas Raised Wagyu Beef products.

With over 100 years of heritage in the cattle business, Rosewood Ranches and the Jack Rose Cattle Company are excited to introduce Rosewood Texas Raised Wagyu Beef. Ranch Manager Kenneth Braddock has spent 25 years pioneering sustainable, local agriculture and holistic ranching systems. Rosewood beef is grass-fed and grain-finished, as well as all natural, hormone and antibiotic-free. The result of these practices is a beef of the highest echelon that is both delicious and nutritious. The care and nourishment of the Rosewood cattle leads to a healthier product, as well as a healthier environment, making Rosewood Beef the best option both environmentally and personally.

Wendie Every, owner of Every Idea Marketing and Kasey Every, account executive, worked with Mark Hoegh, partner and general manager of Jackman Wagyu Beef Company, and Storm Sands, president of Rosewood Ranches, to develop a new brand for their joint endeavor, Jack Rose Cattle Company and Rosewood Texas Raised Wagyu Beef products.

Brand development by the agency consisted of a new logo, brochure, certificates of authenticity, packaging design, marketing and a new responsive website featuring e-commerce capabilities.

Following a launch party that Every Idea attended at the Rosewood Mansion in Dallas, Texas to help kick-off the new look for Rosewood Texas Raised Wagyu Beef, it was apparent how successful the new branding would be for the new venture.

“We are so thrilled to have launched these new products that we truly believe in. Our product is top-notch, and when you add to that the same caliber of branding for the product – it just feels right,” said Hoegh. “We could not be happier with the entire look and feel of the Rosewood Texas Raised Wagyu Beef brand. We are excited to now offer our customers the option of purchasing our products online.”

www.rosewoodbeef.com, www.every-idea.com


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