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Don’t we all like to be in the good graces of our bosses? Don’t we all want the affection of our fellow executives? You may admire the risk-taking abilities, persistence, and tolerance of your boss. You may like the way in which your colleague helps you in your time of need. As a token of your appreciation, you should aspire to give them an executive gift that leaves fond memories in their minds for years to come.

Give some thought to the kind of corporate executive gift you will want to give to your boss or co-worker. Corporate business gifts are generally flowers, fruits, chocolate or liquor. Women executives generally find flowers and chocolates simple and attractive. Executives like shareholders, board of directors, eminent members and investors in the company form the cream of the organization and they should feel admired and appreciated. Gifts like leather wallets, briefcases, plaques, personalized digital diaries, personal diaries, briefcases, conference pads or roller pens are a good choice.


Many times employees will refrain from giving certain gift items, as they do not want rumor mills to work overtime. However, whether people talk or not, you should be clear about what you want to give to your boss or colleague. As long as you know what kind of relationship you have with your boss or colleague, you don’t need to worry about what others think. Do not let others’ ideas influence your decision when you want to express your appreciation or respect for your boss or fellow executive through a gift. At the same time, it is advisable to refrain from gift items that can attract unnecessary attention. You can give gifts to your boss or a fellow colleague like an executive gift personalized on a one to one basis.

Be innovative with your gifts. Think of an “out of the box” executive gift idea. You can go ahead and try to give something innovative to your boss like an expensive shaving set (do not give it to a boss who likes to flaunt his beard!) or a nice cologne. Buy a latest gadget, a mobile phone, or a gizmo and gift it to your boss. Notebooks and laptops, if they are within your budget, prove to be versatile and appreciative gifts. A mini-notebook is assured to put a smile on the face of the recipient. Set yourself apart by gifting a service to your colleague or boss, rather than a tangible gift. A case in example would be an Internet access package or a wireless service. Incidentally, you can buy a lot of business gifts online by opening a corporate gift account in a good quality online store.

Some important advice is to keep the recipient’s tastes, likes, and dislikes in mind while shopping for gifts. Aim to get a business executive gift that will make the recipient’s life a whole lot easier. You can even gift something as simple as a mobile-cover. Here is an example from my personal experience: I wanted to give my boss something special. She was a kind hearted and shy lady of simple tastes. She loved her mobile phone to the core. I noticed that although she loved her mobile phone and there was no way she would part with it, her mobile phone cover looked old and weathered. I gave her a popular express-on cover for her phone. She was ecstatic, and told me that no gift would have been more special than the mobile cover. She told me that she had always put off buying herself a mobile cover for some reason or the other. Nevertheless, it came as a pleasant surprise that I had given her a mobile cover. As such, her personal life revolved around her cell phone, and I had given something which was special to her personally. Today she still uses the same mobile phone with my gift adorning her special possession.

Never think of money or go for cheap bargains when you shop for a corporate business gift. If you picture a gift as a way of furthering your growth prospects in the business, you are not wrong. Look for items that are unique and also that convey a professional image. Gifting an item also requires proper etiquette. For example, it is not appropriate to gift a female executive or boss jewelry items or clothing, because it can be construed as being too intimate. Also, it is ridiculous if you are gifting an expensive bottle of wine to someone who is a recovering alcoholic.

Gift baskets can be a good idea if you want to maintain a professional image when giving your boss a gift. Mostly you should aim for a generic basket executive gift which does not involve a particular theme or interest. For example, a gourmet gift basket contains an assortment of goodies like chocolates, candies and nuts. You can also gift other alternative gift baskets like dried fruit baskets, fruit baskets or cookie baskets.

How do you know when to give a gift to your boss? Apart from birthdays and marriage anniversaries, you can also gift your employer when he or she announces a pay hike or extra perks. Gifts are a way to cite an appreciative feeling on the part of the employee. The best way to honor a fellow executive or even your boss is to throw a surprise party for him or her. You should award a corporate executive gift for someone who is doing quite well in the organization or has just been given a promotion. Executive retirement gifts like a beautiful ring bearing the recipient’s name, fancy memorabilia, or a souvenir is ideal for an executive or an employer who is retiring from services.


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