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Lori and Steve Thompson started Exobright to create affordable sports visibility outerwear for kids and adults. “Our unique garments and accessories are always made with bright fabric AND reflective elements to help people be seen day or night when sharing the roads with others,” explained Lori.
“Our mission at Exobright is to provide affordable sports visibility garments to increase public safety and donate to organizations in our communities that support sports, health and safety.”
Exobright received its first shipment of vests from Stayton, Oregon last December and they are now making helmet covers right here in Bend working with local seamstresses and imprinters.
As the weather changes and days become shorter, the company’s main focus is the need for more visibility wear.
“There are lots of studies out there that show the risks increase since it’s darker in the morning and earlier at night when going to school and work,” said Lori. “Who hasn’t had a close call themselves either on a bike, crossing the street or as a driver? Before you know it the bike or car is right there in front of you and the brakes are slammed. Every story I hear about accidents happening just break my heart, so we really want to get this out to the public. With the Exobright we have created just that: a stretchy, versatile, all-season, flexible, compact visibility garment for kids and adults to use while doing all sorts of activities.
“We’re really excited about offering helmet covers for sale because so many people wear helmets now that it makes usage even easier and at $12.99 they are affordable to most people.”
Helmet covers are currently for sale at Sprouts Kids Salon, Leapin Lizards Toy Co and on the Exobright website.
Exobright is donating helmet covers and gift certificates to Commute Options and Pine Ridge Elementary to help support those organizations and get products in the hands of people who need them most: bike commuters, pedestrians
and kids.
“I’ve always had an inventors spirit but after years of having my own business, becoming a mom really motivated me to bring this idea to life,” continued Lori. “
It has become my personal mission to create products that have the potential to prevent injury and save lives, while growing a business to support our local and regional economy.”
Lori Thompson, cell: 541-388-8877, lori@exobright.com, www.exobright.com

(Photo above: Zach Thompson and mom Lori | Photos Courtesy of Exobright)


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