How To Find The Right Career Coach in London For You?


Finding the right career coach in London can help you attain those dream positions and a point of self-actualization in your professional career that very few are able to experience in their lifetime.

But how do you find that perfect career coach? And more importantly what is it that makes a career coach the right one for your needs?

Trying to find the right career coach that fits into your budget in London can be extremely challenging if you don’t know where or what to look for. Before even looking for a career coach you must first determine whether you actually need one.

Assess Your Career Goals

If you are just starting out in your professional life you may not require the services of a highly experienced or specialized life coach. Preparing a CV, better job search strategies and improving entry-level interviewing skills are things that many can assist you without having to hire a professional career coach

However, if you already have a high paying job and are seeking to further elevate your career by fine-tuning your existing skills and broadening your network than the services of a professional career coach can be hugely beneficial. A career coach isn’t there to land you a job. For that, you hire recruiters and headhunters.

A career coach helps you achieve other professional goals through self-improvement and accountability. The right coach will help improve decision making, social skills, and self-confidence by focusing on your core career goals and charting a path to attaining them.

Training & Certification

When finding the right career coach ask for their relevant experience, training, and certifications to back up their claims. The best career coaches have extensive networks, excellent track records and a long list of satisfied customers to prove that they really can be an effective force in helping you achieve your career targets.

Freelance vs. Company

Hiring a freelance career coach over a company that specializes in career coaching has its own set of advantages and drawbacks. A freelance coach can be more cost effective, able to interact face-to-face, and be a lot more flexible in terms of availability than a company.

On the other hand, a coaching company is often the safer option as they have well-trained coaches, a tried and tested coaching program, and a lot more resources compared to a single individual.

Free Consultations

The best way to find the right career coach is by meeting several of them for a one-time free consultation. This short meeting can often tell you a lot about the career coach and how well you think you both will be able to gel.

The first consultation is often free and can provide great insight into what a particular career coach can do for you and the different personalities and costs associated with services rendered.


Finding the right career coach in London requires you to first assess your career goals and then look for a career coach that can best assist you in achieving those goals within your desired budget.


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