Flight Detection: 5 Decent Services


All the aircrafts have unique markings, which can sometimes be used to track flights and find out their locations. What for? Friends and family members can watch the traveling in real time and not worry about the close person (tourist). Investigative journalists use this data to learn about observation flights, to detect operations involving the detainees’ transportation, the transfer of goods, etc. Tracking quality is improved with a fresh ADS-B system that is suitable for controlling the aircraft moves around. The information is provided by the efforts of sponsored and non-profit agencies that collect huge volumes of flight content from public and private resources.

Get Acquainted with 5 Well-Known Tracking Web-Platforms

There are few resources on the Internet that plot information in real time, so let’s unveil some sites you can be sure of.

ADS-B Exchange

It is a live flight tracker that does not filter out data about USA planes that requested confidentiality. Consequently, this resource is attractive to users and journalists. It uses exclusively crowdsourcing data. Here you can find not only passengers jet, but also military aircrafts. The mentioned website is supplemented with information due to the worldwide community, which consists of nearly 2000 people who have the required devices and reflect the real-time MLAT and ADS-B data.


Specified service presents to the users the free tracking opportunities, including alerts about the flight facility they are interested in. If you want to know the information about the aerial device, there’s a need point out the flight number and the airline entitlement. Even without all the mentioned above information, the Internet-user can find the required plane by indicating the airport/city of departure and the arrival location. The data, which is reflected via Flightaware tracker, is presented only after its sending from the plane and analysing, so the user can be sure in faithful representation.


It is a commercial service that brings you the possibility to track flights in a charge-free way. It covers more than 90% of Europe. Selective coverage is in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. Website contains the bearings, altitude of the aircraft, as well as the map shows the distance traveled from the departure point, the image of the aircraft, the type of plane, its board number, etc. The service records flight history for the past 28 days. The duration of a free session on the Flightradar24 service is 30 minutes, after which the user is offered a paid subscription to use the service without restrictions.

OpenSky Network

This one can be called as large community that stores over 4 trillion ADS-B messages received from more than 750 stations for unlimited time and makes them available for research. A search by the flight number is able to display the registration data about aircraft, the recent flights and whether it is in the air. There is also a 30-day history of all traced aircraft. One more useful feature is a list of all alarms.


Mentioned platform also seems to be reliable data source, moreover, every person can find one or another plane using different types of data and the alluded system will present everything correctly. It works in web browsers on desktop computers and is also accessible through mobile applications.


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