How Generation Z is Shaping Technology


Technology is constantly changing and improving. New apps are launched daily, updated smartphones are released every September and new technologies are changing our daily lives each year.

Technology’s progression shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, as companies and consumers across the world are focused on innovation. One of the first groups of people to embrace new technologies are Generation Zers, who are roughly defined as ‘post millennials’. Generation Zers are more than vocal about every new gadget, game and device. It is their demand that is helping to change the tech world. Find out how Generation Z is shaping technology.

Increased Consumption

Generation Zers spend more time online than any other generation. According to Statista, 35.5% spend an average of six to ten hours on a mobile device each day. It is their consumption and need for the latest products that is encouraging tech companies to produce the most innovative products on the market at a faster rate.

Immediate Demand

No longer do we have to queue at Blockbuster to watch the latest film release. At the click of a button, we can choose from a range of movies and TV series to entertain us all year long. Streaming services such as Netflix, VIDGO and Hulu have transformed the way we consume entertainment, which will undoubtedly shape the future.

Generation Zers are leading the way for instant demand technologies, as 40% have stated they would drop traditional TV services for an online only option. With the aim of accommodating to future TV subscribers, many businesses are having to alter their technologies to cater for growing demand.

Social Media

Social media now influences how we consume news, videos and advertising. However, no generation is more susceptible to the platform than Generation Z, as 42% have reported the channels have a direct influence on how they both think and feel.

The generation’s consumption is also determining various ad campaigns, as Social Chain, a social media marketing agency that runs campaigns for Disney and BBC, has no employee on staff who is over the age of 26. The younger mindset allows the businesses to creatively connect with a target audience via emotionally-driven social media campaigns.


The increased consumption of modern technology has also resulted in a wave of exceptional innovators. For instance, seventeen-year-old Anton Klingspor is a prime example of a talented, young entrepreneur. He is currently a managing general partner at Indicina Ventures, which is a start-up incubator that provides resources and funding to various internet companies at different stages, and is run by exclusively select management from Generation Z.

Independent Coding

Coding websites have made it easier than ever for young people to independently learn computer programming. With many tutorials, guides and websites available online, many younger people are learning how to create their own websites, smartphone apps and even tech companies. The tools and knowledge will undoubtedly ensure Generation Z follows in the footsteps of many tech tycoons, so technology will continue to change our everyday lives for the better.

Advertisement Consumption

Many Generation Zers are using ad blocking plugins to block advertisements from advertisers and websites. Those who do consume advertisements will skip an ad after three seconds, which is making it increasingly difficult for brands to reach their target audience. As a result, advertisers may have to become a little more creative with their online promotions to continue to maintain their influence.

According to an AdReaction study of 24,000 people aged 16 to 49 in 30 countries, younger generations are also more likely to avoid TV advertising and skip content. If they do watch a commercial, they want it to be less than ten seconds long and hope to experience humorous advertising.

While many brands turn to celebrities to influence their products, the study found that the younger generation is three times more receptive to funny advertising. They also want to hear music in the advertisement and to watch a good story.

The only way for brands to prevent Generation Z from unblocking or skipping ads is by becoming more creative. To succeed, brands and ad agencies must develop advertisements that stop a younger audience in their tracks, so they want to carry on watching from start to finish. This will be a big feat for many advertisers, as they are they are now promoting products to the most technologically-advanced audience.

The Most Active Audience

Generation Zers are easily the most active audience when it comes to technology. A case study found that 13% of Generation Zers check their phones every few seconds. While 14% reportedly use their smartphones for more than 12 hours per day.

As a result, Gen Z has become a prime target for technology companies across the globe, as the generational demand and desires are helping to shape their forward-thinking products. To meet this demand, tech companies are creating new products or improving old gadgets with bigger screens, thinner phones and improved features.

The Generational Divide

There is, of course, a generational divide when it comes to modern technology. Generation Zers have different opinions on technology’s usefulness and appropriateness in comparison to older consumers. For instance, older consumers often approach new technologies with scepticism, whilst the younger generation are much more open to new and emerging innovations. Older consumers also believe the appropriate age to receive a mobile device is from aged 18, whilst Gen Zers believed 13 is the right age to use the gadget.

This generational divide towards technology often determines the behaviours of various tech companies. For instance, as Generation Z is the most welcoming of new technologies, the products are often created and advertised with younger generations in mind.


The younger generations are not only consuming a considerable amount of content now, but their opinions and demand will only help to shape technology in the future. It is for this reason many technology companies are targeting their games, gadgets and innovative products at the younger generation, who may one day shape the tech world themselves – and some already are.


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