How to Get to Know More about the Used Motorbike


The value of a motorcycle is determined depending on many parameters:

  • if it was damaged or not;
  • if the key elements of the construction work well;
  • if the asset looks fine.

These characteristics largely apply to any asset people own. When one is looking for a used item to buy, he has to carefully check these characteristics. If you decide to buy a motorbike, FaxVin is a good website to check your future transport.

 Why It Is Important to Check the Bike

When a person buys a car or a motorbike, they obviously want it to function properly as long as possible. In order to get the bike cheaper, the buyers look for used models. If the bike is manufactured in Italy or America, it will keep its fine quality even if used for years. However, the sellers often try to speculate on technical information they provide to the buyers of used transport.

Such a speculation is favorable, because it allows to increase the price. The buyers pay for what they actually do not get. Very often used motorcycles’ sellers speculate on:

  • Information about real number of previous owners. Naturally, the more owners the asset had before, the worse its condition is. So, sellers often omit important information about ownership.
  • Numbers of miles the motorcycle has covered. This is a very classic example of fraud. The more miles are indicated on the odometer the more worn out the transport is. So, the sellers turn the indicator backwards in order to the reduce the number of miles recorded.
  • The year of production. Modern technologies permit to make fake technical passports for any transport. That makes it easier for the sellers to sell the bikes even for higher prices. The younger the bike is, the better.
  • Administrative fines. The owners of bikes sometimes violate the rules and consequently get fined. It also sometimes happens that owners do not pay the fines. They keep being recorded as unpaid and this data is assigned to particular vehicle. If a person buys a motorbike with fines assigned, they can even get sued eventually.
  • Ownership issues. Ownership check is one of the most important aspects when buying a bike. One of the most widespread frauds connected to this is selling a stolen bike. Buying a stolen bike is a very bad idea, because it is looked for by a police and the actual owner can have unpleasant consequences when caught.


These issues, if unresolved, can lead to problems for the new owner. He will get an asset which in reality is not worth the money paid for it. Either an old bucket of details, or, what is worse, a bike with illegal issues, it is not the best object for investment.

The buyer can get even more problems. The legal problems the person has when he buys an unchecked motorbike can be considerable. He will firstly get administrative fines, and afterwards criminal record if the problem is serious. Therefore it is hard to overestimate the importance of proper check before the buyer actually pays. Services offering such checks are called VIN checks. VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number.


VIN Check and Its Importance

VIN check helps to resolve all the above-mentioned issues. It guarantees:

  • reliability of data;
  • quick reporting service;
  • legal receipt of data.

What a client has to do if he wants to check a bike is to order VIN check service. The client has to contact state agencies or private companies. State offices usually deliver the information slower than private companies. Vehicle Identification Number report is an official document with fully reliable information.

Governments also get the advantages of regular transport checks. They enable to control and audit the number of vehicles in the country, and to ameliorate the criminal situation in cities.

When you decide to buy a motorcycle, be vigilant and check your future asset. That guarantees you won’t be frustrated by the purchase. On the contrary, you will enjoy your new transport. Vehicle Identification Number check is indispensable if you decide to buy a new motorcycle.


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