“Green” Business Waste Removal is Socially Responsible…and Good for Business


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Business growth in Central Oregon has been increasing for the last 28 quarters, based on stats from The Central Oregon Business Index, and Cascade’s busy business owners have a social responsibility to adopt “green” business waste removal practices. Luckily, these waste removal strategies are good for business. Today, it’s time to look at the latest green business removal options, as well as reasons why businesses have a social responsibility to go green, and what the business benefits of doing so are.

Green business waste removal options

To preserve our planet and all its resources, business owners in Oregon must embrace the latest green business waste removal options. Sustainable waste management includes collecting and disposal processes which divert as much waste as possible from landfills, according to Sciencedirect.com. Sustainable waste removal experts at Eagle Dumpster Rental recommend collecting waste in roll-out dumpsters so it may be dispatched easily for sorting and recycling. Hiring a professional waste removal company to handle source-separated or single-stream recycling, landscaping waste, organics and general waste will be a good way to outsource green business waste removal. These types of companies typically offer roll-out and stationery dumpsters, along with front end, “toter” and compactor services.

To get the best deal on green waste removal, collect quotes from a few companies before you sign on the dotted line. Also, check out reviews of these companies online. Inside of businesses, employees should be encouraged to sort trash for recycling, by educating them about the importance of doing so, and by supplying labelled bins for each type of trash.

Why businesses have a social responsibility to go green

Corporate social responsibility is centered on making positive environmental and/or social impacts on society. Since businesses consume resources and energy, they need to give back by doing their utmost to practice business in a socially-responsible manner. Luckily, consumers really respond to companies that do acknowledge their social responsibility and act accordingly.

Discover the business benefits of going green

Fifty-five percent of worldwide survey respondents declared that they’re willing to pay more for services and goods from firms that are committed to green business practices, according to Nielson.com. In terms of the bottom line, business which offer sustainable goods and service may anticipate sales increases of two to five percent. Sales increases will depend on how they market their green business initiatives.

Companies that go green have clean images that appeal to modern consumers. These companies appear compassionate, informed and dedicated to doing their part for the planet. In 2005, General Motors generated two and half billion dollars in earnings via its recycling activities. Going green can be lucrative, according to Info.era-environmental.com.

Improve your business waste management system today

Now is as good a time as any to refine your business waste management system, with a mind to making it as eco-friendly as it can be. Now that you know the latest green business waste removal options, why your company has a social responsibility to go green and how going green can boost profits, you’ll be ready to use green waste removal practices to your company’s advantage.



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