Growing Pains – Preparing For Business Expansion


Early preparation is essential when pursuing business expansion. The better prepared you are, the better chance you have of successfully expanding your business without suffering any setbacks. Even while your business is in its infancy, considering how your business may grow is essential to ensure that a complete and costly overhaul of your entire business model is not needed if you expand. Read on to find how you can best prepare for business growth to maximise your likelihood of success.


Outsourcing is one of the earliest considerations to make when a business begins to expand. With an increase in capital, many successful businesses choose to invest in outsourcing partners to accomplish some of their common business functions.

A successful outsourcing partnership is essential in order to reduce the costly operational expenses of a growing company, and to help provide for the new demands that come with business growth. For example, as many businesses grow and hire new employees it becomes necessary to seek outsourced payroll services. This is an inexpensive way of ensuring that a professional service provider can take over payroll duties, while you concentrate on expanding your business.

Forecasting Growth

Forecasting growth is essential when preparing for business expansion. Successful businesses ensure that they are not left reeling from unanticipated growth by carefully considering how the future of their business may look. This is the first step in preparing for any adjustments that may be necessary to provide for such growth.

This vital process should take place regularly throughout the life of your business. It requires the careful consideration of all assets, liabilities, outgoings and ingoings. It also requires the careful monitoring of profit growth over an extended period of time. After this process has been completed you are in a position to make decisions based on data and facts, and are therefore more likely to successfully address any adjustments that are required.


Once you have an understanding of how your business is likely to grow and the timeline in which each level of growth will likely be achieved, it is important to then consider whether your current business structure is sustainable.

One of the major pitfalls encountered by growing businesses is failing to adequately prepare for increased sales, clients and services. It is therefore important to consider whether you can operationally sustain your forecasted rate of growth. This requires considering whether your current level of staff, infrastructure, storage and suppliers would be able to keep up with increased demand. Many businesses fall into the trap of failing to prepare, and find themselves scrambling to outsource suppliers, deliveries or to hire new staff. This can cause considerable delays in your ability to deliver your product or service. It is essential to plan ahead, and make reasonable investments early in order to support your growth.

Hire the Right Team

Building the right team of people to surround you is essential when preparing for business growth. The people that you hire can either dramatically help or hinder your efforts to expand your business. If you are a small company that is hoping to expand, it is essential to hire people who are 100 percent committed to your vision. The type of people who will stay late and make the necessary sacrifices that are required in the early days of any growing company. With the right team behind you, the sky’s the limit for your business.

Revise, Revise, Revise

Preparing for business expansion is a constant and ongoing process. This means consistently and frequently revisiting your forecasted growth data and business plan. Many factors can dramatically impact your growth rate, including new competitors or products on the market.  It is therefore likely that as time passes you will need to consistently revise any target rates that had been initially set.


Careful planning and forecasting is essential to prepare for and accelerate the expansion of your business. By future proofing your business using these simple tips, you can ensure that your business growth is both seamless and successful.


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