How to Improve Your Business Invoicing Process?


For small business owners to well-established ones, the invoicing process can be a cumbersome job. There is no denying about the fact that the key to getting paid on time lies in that tad bit of smart communication to get the money out from the clients. Call it diplomacy if you may, but a prominent part of invoicing is establishing cordial relationships with the clients so that a good cycle of professional working starts where you deliver projects and get paid in return as intended. But also, one needs a smart online payment platform to facilitate the invoicing process quickly.

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Let’s start with understanding the importance of improving the billing and invoicing process.

Every month, you are working with different clients, and you make sure that the work assigned is completed on time. Money is the driving force for any business. But somewhere when it comes to the payments, there is always some reason for delay. Why is that? Are the invoices lacking information, the client not satisfied with the work done, or other causes?

The first step is to make a plan where you are lacking. You need a plan to schedule your invoices and create them in such a way that they are well defined, detailed, has the necessary information, and look professional.

We need to take measures that promise consistent cash flow. The hard reality, but that is what we are striving for to achieve in the tough times where uncertainty is fogging everyone’s vision.

So let’s get started on how to improve your business invoicing process!

Terms and Conditions!

It may sound impolite, but terms and conditions are must to run any business, even if you are working solo behind your desk. For a freelancer, a small business owner, to make it big, you need to have particular terms and conditions set that a client should get before you start working for them.

It should include how you would like to get paid. Hourly rate or on project completion payments is something that you need to decide. The time it will take for a project and the general policy of your working criteria. You can send terms and conditions customized for every client or have one to send it to all. It depends on the nature of your business. But, a client must get a copy of it beforehand so that when he agrees to give you work, he knows what he has to follow, and you feel secure of starting the work for the client.

Do you have your tools in place?

Align yourself and keep your tools handy! Logistics, inventory management to deliverables, and getting paid; all require different tools to facilitate work promptly. A prominent tool is invoicing software for small business owners that is indispensable. If you do not have one, then now is the time to invest in getting the best invoicing software that can be like an assistant who has got your back.

Never will you have to fret again on missing an invoice or sending one to a client. The invoicing apps notify and send reminders so that you do not lose track of your financials. From setting auto-generated invoices to manually handling each one of them, you can manage and run your business without any interference. You can customize invoices using mobile applications as well, which makes the job much hassle-free.

How well defined are your invoices?

You have the work, and you did it as per the client’s request, now comes the time for an invoice. Often, people make mistakes in creating invoices. Some information might be missing, or they want to add more to it after the client gets it.

It shows unprofessionalism on your part if you ask the client for more money after he receives the invoice. There should not be any amendments later. Be precise and sure of all the services the client received from you and mention in that same order on your invoice.

Be transparent and make sure that you are prompt on sending invoices. A delay in the invoice will cause a delay in your payment as well. A client may wait for a payment cycle that he follows for his employees.

If you miss the time, he may ask you to wait a couple of days. Also, forgetting payments can be a problem too. A polite reminder of the invoice to your clients after they miss the payment date is one way to assure that client knows you are waiting for the dues.

Are your invoice professional looking and easy to read?

Make it easy for the client to read invoices. If you complicate or the information is haywire on the invoice, the client will probably keep it aside on the table to review later. The client then later may forget, and we all know that tomorrow never comes.

Constant reminders and waiting for the client to reply will add to your troubles and give you that unnecessary headache. Make the invoices professional, and that means clean and clear for it to be readable. The date, name of the company, services offered, total payment, etc. should be in meticulous order.

In a nutshell

Freelancing or for someone starting new in his line of business, the main concern is to strategize business in such a way that for limited resources at disposal, one gets maximum output in return. Hiring an accountant to take care of invoices, bookkeeping, and payrolls can be expensive. Invoicing software can do the trick in the initial stages of your business, where you can keep hold of the cash flow and take care of the payments efficiently.

An online payment platform will help you create beautiful invoices, secure payment gateways to send money quickly, options for multiple currencies, inventory management bookkeeping, and much more. It all depends on which software you invest your money. There are tons of them in the market, but the best invoicing software that suits your business needs should be a well-thought decision.


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