How to Write an Essay – Let’s Learn without Making Mistakes


A written work is a typical part of any studying process and all the students need to know how to do it. A distinctive feature of an essay is a clear plan and thoughtful structure. It also can reflect the author’s point of view and should imply accuracy and structure, therefore, for almost all students, writing an essay is difficult.

5 Rules for Writing an Essay

If you need to write an essay, we will give some recommendations on how to do it competently and quickly. 5 rules to follow if you want to write a decent paper.

  • Rule number 1: an interesting and familiar topic

The topic of the essay should be interesting and, no less important, familiar. After all, it is hardly possible to express one’s point of view about a subject that you have no idea about. When choosing a topic with a professor, it is better to initially choose what you like, understand, or are interested in.

Writing a paper will allow you to learn how to express thoughts and track cause and effect relationships. And if you can’t do it or you don’t have time, you can just buy research papers and wait for a positive grade!

  • Rule number 2: author’s presentation

You need to feel the depth of your thoughts and write only what you feel, without any patterns, tips and looking back on the work of other authors. Constructions are often used in essays: “in my opinion”, “I believe” and others. If you are writing work on humanitarian topics, you will have to spend time reading the book or read reviews of this book to understand what is at stake.

  • Rule number 3: the attractive style of presentation

To convey the personal perception of the world, the author of the essay can give examples, draw parallels, select analogies, and use various associations. An essay will win if it contains unexpected turns of thought and structured conclusions. That’s where there is room for creativity, logical, and imaginative thinking!

  • Rule number 4: brevity

Based on the fact that the essays can be extremely different, no restriction is placed on the volume. But professors can set the upper bar of the amount of work up to 4-7 pages.

  • Rule number 5: compliance with the structure

Before you start writing an essay, you need to consider its structure and content. Essay structure:

  • introduction;
  • main part;

The introductory part should be short, but expressive, and also contain a central metaphorical image. The last sentence of the introduction and the first sentence of the main part should be organically linked. The essence of communication: an explanation of the validity of a metaphor.

The main part is connected with the introduction and conclusion not only of the topic but also of the way of language design (through the central image). The essay should contain a voiced ending. Moreover, it does not matter if the end is a statement of something, a question, or a final incomplete reflection. A good conclusion doesn’t include any quotes or new information.

Essay Writing Instructions

The process of writing an essay can be divided into several stages: reflection – planning – writing – verification – correction. To write an essay well, we recommend that you stick to the following action plan:

  • Think over the topic, comprehend the problem and write a plan (simple and detailed).
  • Logically align the text.
  • Express clearly the causal relationship.
  • Use examples, explanations.
  • Express a chain of thoughts.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use various grammatical means and choose words.
  • Argue your own opinion.
  • Select the type of conclusions.
  • Correctly design the work.
  • Carefully check the written text and make adjustments if necessary.

These tips will help you to create a good paper and receive a high grade. Don’t be afraid to complete such an assignment – you just need some experience to do it successfully. After you write several papers, you’ll understand how to do it correctly and will remember all the rules that need to be followed.


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