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If your dream is to be free to choose where, when and how to work, our article is just for you! Discover 7 booming business ideas of 2018 for those who want to have a great income while being their own boss.

When you ask people how they would define success, many would instantly say: “I would love to have my own business.” And there are a lot of reasons as to why that response is so common and why there are so many startups emerging today as seen in the graph below. However, many do not know where to start.


Startup growth in the United States

Do you also want to have your own business? Do you think you chose the wrong career path? Do you dream of having control over your own schedule? Do you want to have the autonomy to decide which strategies are the best to achieve your goals? Would you love to decide where to work? If you are considering starting your own business, our article is perfect for you.

We have selected top 7 easy business to start ideas that are very popular today (and, obviously, very profitable). Choose the option that speaks to you and set up your business today.

  1. Restaurant specializing in a specific niche


If you consider opening up a restaurant, you are probably aware of the fact that there are plenty of options today. Therefore, the competition is very high and standing out from the crowd is not an easy task at all.

However, if you focus on a specific niche and something unique, the chances of your success are much greater because you will have a particular audience to address in addition to having only a few competitors in the market.

To help you, we present to you some examples:

  • Vegetarian food restaurant;
  • Restaurant serving low-calorie meals;
  • Restaurant serving dietetic meals for persons with diabetes;
  • Salad restaurant serving purely organic ingredients.

You have probably noticed that in each of the above cases, there is a given target audience: people who have a vegan life philosophy, people who want to lose some weight or who have diabetes, and people who care about their health and do not want to eat food containing transgenes.

This is a booming trend in the startup sphere: focusing on solving a problem of a specific group of people.

  1. Personalized gifts


This is one of the best businesses to start since they (personal gifts) never lose their charm. Personalized gifts are highly appealing and are not found in large shopping centers. Therefore, if you have the needed skills, this is a very interesting option.

Any goods can be customized based on the wishes of the client. Below are some examples:

  • Cups with a picture of the person’s children;
  • Blankets with photos printed on them;
  • Calendars and diaries with your own drawings.
  1. Language school


This is one of the most profitable business ideas as of today. Language schools are everywhere simply because they are in demand. However, you will have to have something that distinguishes you from your competitors: a different teaching method, a specific target audience (such as children), exotic languages etc.

If you do not have money to invest in starting your own language school, but you are very good at a foreign language, you can start giving private lessons or render a homework service.

  1. Style coaching


If everyone admires you for your ability to choose pieces of clothing and accessories, you could look into doing style coaching.

Evaluating the clothes available in the client’s wardrobe, advising on the clothes to buy and in what shops to do it or even purchasing the clothes are some of the things you can engage in.

  1. Doing makeup at home


Looking for unique business ideas? This could be just it!

Do you have a talent for makeup? Have you always been the person who does makeup to all your friends for the parties? Did you take any class on the subject?

In this case, makeup at home could be an excellent opportunity. For starters, it is only necessary to have some practice and, of course, good beauty products (and a great variety of those to be able to serve all your customers). If everything goes well, you can even open up your own makeup room!

  1. E-books


Creating e-books is an excellent option for those who want to create a profitable digital business easily and quickly. The e-book, or digital book, is a very popular thing and much sought after by Internet users. In it, you must convey some knowledge that you have and that can help other people.

  • Do you love making healthy meals? How about creating an e-book with your best recipes?
  • Do you know how to speak French very well? How about creating an e-book with a vocabulary for beginners who will travel to Paris?
  • Do you know your city very well? You can create an e-book with tips for tourists!

There are millions of possibilities! If you have your content ready, but you do not have any design skills, you can create your digital book in PowerPoint.

  1. Mobile applications


If you know how to develop software and mobile applications, you have a great opportunity to create a profitable online business. There are numerous success stories and a list of entrepreneurs in the mobile app development market, which made the world awe.

Even if you do not have the programming skills but you have an excellent idea that can work out, you can find someone with the necessary knowledge to be your partner.

How about starting today?

If you have come this far, you know that there are many excellent business ideas for those who want to be their own boss. We are sure that at least one of the options we have listed has caught your attention. Be brave and take the first step toward your dream!



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