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Is vital when we are talking about having a bet or wager online whether it’s on one of the many popular slots that are available today or on the outcome of an igame like World of Warcraft watched by millions of people and streamed over the internet, because you might just find yourself albeit unintentionally doing something that is considered illegal.

Just like so many other situations we find that where you live plays a big part on whether something is considered legal. Take as an example, Canada.

In Canada if taken from the players point of view it’s not illegal to play at an online casino like Conquer Casino Canada so that’s great for the players, but it is illegal to operate a web-based casino from Canada.

It’s this type of regulation that leads to the rules becoming rather murky as is proved by the offshore websites, whose servers are located on the native reserve of Kahnawake. Companies have side-stepped some of the laws by operating from the Reserve which is still on the territory of the country, and some of the most trusted of offshore companies that are licensed by the Malta Gambling Authority and the UK Gambling Commission actually support online casinos in Canada just like Conquer Casino.

The simple fact of the matter is that betting and playing in casinos for real money and being in with a chance of a win appeals to many people, but the local gambling laws confuse a great many Canadians just like the situation that occurs in other parts of the world like the U.S.

But even with the confusion of the present situation Canada remains a great gaming environment for its residents even if the casino and gaming industry share a complex history.

First off gambling was legal just like in many other countries then a few pieces of legislation proclaimed it out of law way back in 1892, but as time moved on apace the law became far more relaxed.

Then it was that bingo and other types of casual raffles were allowed for charitable events only with Canadians having to wait another ten years before horse races were legalised.  It was the tremendous breakthrough of 1985 that saw gaming machine being made legal which saw the start of the casinos as betting became even more popular.

Today it is the Canadian Criminal Code which is the bill that sets a definition of what is considered to be illegal gaming activities within Canadas borders. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission on the other hand is a special gaming regulatory body which can issue licences and regulate a number of web-based casinos, some online poker rooms and some online sportsbooks as well as being home to three land-based poker rooms.

So, if you are inclined to have a bet on your favourite sport or fancy a spin of the reels or wheel then remember, what starts out as a simple entertaining time for you could, if you are unlucky, turn you into someone that is breaking the law, and that’s not a place anyone one of us wants to be.


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