Life Hacks on How to Keep a Professional Employed in a Company


In the modern world, with the expansion of artificial intellect and a number of machines which can replace the labor of people, the value of professionals can still not be overestimated. Only people can make risky decisions and estimate all the situation with all the peculiarities. Besides, creativity is still the field where people’s way of thinking is required.

Earlier or later, each employer faces the challenge of keeping the best team members in the company. The reasons can be diverse. Those who are tired because of overload can be suggested various fun pastimes like gambling in the USA online casinos for real money or arranging a special relaxation and entertainment premise so that an employee may have some rest and distraction.

When a key and valuable staff member wants to resign, the first thing which an employer can do is to ask for the clarifications of reasons. Depending on this, a possible solution can be found so that both parties are satisfied.

Tips on How to Keep an Employee

  1. One of the first and most essential questions is the rate of income. It can be quite trivial, however, statistically, this is the most frequent reason for the employees to leave companies. In the world facing an economic crisis and descend, raising the salary of a valuable employee will still cost less than losing him or her.

Besides, in addition to the salary raise, it is feasible to discuss the additional sources of income, for instance, some project which can be handled by this person, with higher bonuses. In such a way, it can be possible not only to keep a specialist but also to motivate him or her to achieve better results.


  1. It is recommended to listen to the ideas and opinions of the team members. From their positions, they can see each situation from a different angle, thus, their ideas may help to prevent losses and failures of projects. Besides, understanding that his or her ideas are taken into account provides people with a feeling of value. They will definitely appreciate such workplace.
  2. Valuable employees shall be provided with the promotions. About 30 percent of people who have decided to resign admit that absence of promotional prospects is the reason for this. Thus, for a valuable team member, it is feasible even to create a job position. Every person wants to grow and develop as this is the way to raise self-assurance and confidence.
  3. Support the members of the team whenever they face personal or family problems. In case of disease, it is possible to provide with additional paid days off the office so that a person could recover in full. In the event of financial difficulties, a company may provide an employee with a long-term loan without interests. With such attitude, staff will unlikely consider the proposals of competitors.


  1. The authorities shall build the relations of trust with the company employees at all the levels. It is recommended to stay honest and open irrespective how the real situation is. In such a way, whenever a rival company is trying to entice one of the employees, the management will be aware of this. There is nothing better than loyal staff as they will not let down and stay on the board even in the hardest times.

In the times when competition is really high and lots of talented people are self-employed, a loyal and professional team is the key to success and prosperity. Thus, directors and HR’s shall put efforts to gather such employees and, most importantly, keep them within the company.


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