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The LifeWave Live Las Vegas 2020 event is fast approaching. Since these events are pivotal for distributors working with the company, we want to take some time to highlight what will happen at the meeting and how it will help people grow their businesses. Coupled with information about the company itself, the following overview should provide helpful insights for anyone interested in wellness or a career change of their own.

Company Profile

LifeWave is a health and wellness company focused on helping people achieve their highest potential when it comes to rejuvenating their bodies and minds. The company’s extensive line of products centers around its patented phototherapy technology. This technology utilizes topically applied patches to reflect wavelengths of light back into the body to support changes at the cellular level. The company has created products to address a range of health issues, including lack of energy, declining quality of sleep and chronic pain.

The company was founded in 2004 by inventor David Schmidt, who’s used his extensive background in business and development to drive the innovation that has resulted in his organization’s revolutionary products. As a result, he’s become the owner of more than 100 patents and patents pending, been inducted into the International Hall of Fame of Inventors, and seen his business recognized multiple times on Inc. magazine’s list of fastest-growing companies. This rise to prominence has been fueled by a passion to provide wellness benefits to individuals without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Meeting Others

One of the ways that the 2020 Las Vegas event will serve distributors is through its ability to allow them to hear engaging talks by key players in the company, such as Schmidt himself. In addition to the founder, the lineup will feature the company’s vice president of marketing, a sales specialist, and a doctor involved in many different areas of holistic wellness. These speakers will provide unique and valuable insights into their specialties, the company, and its products.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with other distributors to hear more about how they conduct their business affairs. These interactions will be valuable to those seeking to expand the reach of their operations. Through these types of interpersonal relationships, individuals and large teams can strategize their business plans with the goal of increased sales.

Introduction of Tools

Beyond access to members of the corporate team and other distributors, the event is set to provide attendees with a host of new skills with which to grow their operations. These business-building tools have been created by the corporate team to help distributors see improved results in their own efforts. Thanks to similar unveilings in the past, the company’s reach has now expanded to more than100 countries worldwide.

Tickets are available for purchase, and travel plans are being made as the Las Vegas event fast approaches. The anticipation surrounding the gathering can be attributed to the success of past events and the manner in which distributors have seen their access to opportunities grow based on the knowledge, connections and tools that they’ve gained through their attendance. Look for more news on LifeWave in the future to see the many possible ways to access this opportunity for yourself.


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