Luke Lazarus Highlights the Top Marketing Trends That are Guaranteed to Work for Business Startups


The marketing industry has tremendously changed over the years. The strategies that were used a while ago have become outdated, with new approaches arising over time. For instance, a while ago, TV, print, and radio were the primary methods of reaching potential customers in the market. This made the marketing process quite inefficient because these channels could not reach sufficiently enough audience in the market.

Consequently, uptake of products from various organizations, especially the small startups, was deterred. The reason for this was that the startups had no adequate capital to conduct rigorous marketing campaigns as their bigger counterparts would do. This would lead to dying off of the emerging businesses, leaving the more prominent organizations with a monopoly of operation.

However, with the emergence and development of new technology, this trend has changed, thanks to the growth of tech. Marketing and brand awareness has taken a new direction. Undoubtedly, most of the people, especially the potential markets for products globally, are using smartphones. For this reason, marketing gurus like Luke Lazarus have taken advantage of the trend. They have started targeting potential consumers using applications that they can access through their handsets. This way, businesses can communicate their brand stories more comfortably, hence boosting their brand awareness.

According to Luke Lazarus, there are new trends that have emerged in the marketing industry, which are aiding entrepreneurs in promoting their brands. Below are some of the most unique and effective marketing trends that startups can use to improve their market reach:

Use of Chatbots

Honestly, chatbots are not a new idea in the market. They have been in existence for a while in various industries. However, the customer service industry has taken the use of this technology a notch higher. According to credible reports, more than 80% of organizations are using chatbots to interact with their customers globally. They have been programmed to respond to simple and straightforward queries from customers in a polite and friendly communication. The beauty of this technology is that organizations can serve their customers 24/7, without the fatigue that is associated with human assistants. Additionally, these bots help companies in reducing their costs of operations, which they would alternatively use to pay salaries for nightshift customer care personnel. According to Luke, chatbot technology forms a significant part of the future of the service industry.


According to recent research studies, Instagram was found to have taken social media by storm. More than a billion individuals are using the platform globally. Following the rule of big numbers, this forms a humongous avenue for business startups to market their brands and products to the large international market. On this platform, the most popular strategy is the use of influencers. These are individuals who possess massive following on the platform. Associating with such characters and asking them to endorse your brand influences their followers to develop an affinity for your products as a business.

Consequently, many of them will learn about your products, and among them, there could be potential customers. A new and unique trend on Instagram has been the IGTV. This feature allows brands to post long-form videos, which lets them tell their stories to their audience in detail. This way, they are able to capture the emotions of the audience, hence converting them into potential customers.

Luke Lazarus admits that the modes of advertising and marketing are changing drastically with the increase in competition in the market. Organizations, especially startups, are struggling to penetrate the market due to lack of sufficient innovation. In his current position as a business consultant, Lazarus advises emerging businesses on how to craft moving messages for their target markets so they can easily convert them into clients.


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