How to Make Your Business Trip Effective and Less Stressful: Almaty-New York


The distance between Almaty and New York is about 6400 miles. It definitely takes more than a couple of hours to reach the final destination. This means you should be ready to spend in the airport and on the plane long hours of waiting and flying, which is difficult for any traveller. Business trips require special preparation and packing as you have to be ready to start working and meeting your partners immediately after arriving in NYC. But not every entrepreneur and executive knows how to pack correctly.


Today, we’re going to talk about advanced business travel tips every traveller should know, especially those who have a long-hour Almaty New York flight or New York Almaty flight, etc.

So, let’s get started.

Business Travel Tips

Effective business trips mainly depend on your preparation skills. As the most irritating moments are when you realize that you have forgotten something very important at home. Or when you realize that you have taken too much stuff with you. That’s why packing process before a business trip should be taken seriously.

Before everything else, check your calendar. Make sure you have got all flight information, rental car information, and confirmations from a hotel or Airlines. It is nice to have all that data handy on your smartphone. So, make sure you have everything that you will need in New York.



How to Pack for a Work Trip

  • Packing list. Divide your list into travel days, meeting days, and dinner days. Packing your suitcase following these sections is much easier. Planning pays off. And don’t forget to check the weather forecast.
  • Don’t take too much stuff. It is better to travel having the luggage by your side. This case, you can avoid a situation when your suitcase is lost in the airport.
  • Take the clothes you’re planning to take on a road out of your wardrobe and start creating different looks for each occasion and day of your trip. You have to check if everything you have decided to take with you match together. Don’t simply pack the stuff that you like to wear in a suitcase, hoping that you will figure it out later, before the actual meeting. This doesn’t work. You can end up overpacking and being irritated. Pre-plan every single outfit.
  • Cosmetic bag. This concerns both men and women. We recommend taking the travel size bottles of your favourite shampoo, deodorant, hair gel, toothbrush, etc.
  • Don’t take a new shirt for every single day that you’re on a trip. Even the smallest hotels have laundry included or washing places somewhere nearby. A good choice will be a white shirt, as it suits almost any outfit. So, take up to 2-3 shirts, one of which is white. And one pair of shoes also will be enough. That’s going to work well both with your suit and jeans.

Hopefully, these small tips will help you to avoid stress during your next business trip.



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