Make Your Workforce a Competitive Advantage. Find Skilled Workers And Get Them Up To Speed Quickly.


We all know that finding skilled workers is a challenge. Once you find them, ramp-up times for new employees are costly. Your workforce challenges don’t have to be such a financial burden. Join the April 7 hands-on workshop to learn how to get a scalable training infrastructure that boosts new hire ramp-up speeds and reduces turnover.

You Will Learn:
-How to reduce ramp-up time for new employees How to make an action plan to combat the skilled worker shortage
-How to build a plan for employee development that increases your bottom line and decreases financial risk
-How to boost your output through employee engagement

You will come away with a customized plan for your manufacturing company and immediately actionable implementation strategies.

Designed with adult learning principles in mind, this intense workshop will empower you to build an engaged workforce – giving your company a significant competitive advantage. Whether you’re a veteran trainer or new to training, this workshop will guide you on the path to increased productivity and shorter ramp-up times.

OMEP Consultant Russ Gaylor is an experienced Learning Professional and Program Manager, and draws on over 20 years of professional training experience in a variety of environments to help manufacturers manage their workforce more effectively. He leverages case studies and real-world examples to demonstrate On the Job Training’s (OJT) impact in the workplace.

WHEN: Thursday, April 7
TIME: 8:30am – 12:30pm
COST: $100 / Company – Scholarships Available
REGISTER: or email

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