Moving to another city: Renting vs. Buying an Apartment


Moving to another city means an endless ray of opportunities to start a new life altogether. Everything around you is new and exciting. It is very natural that you’ll want to make the best out of every chance to start anew and make the life you’ve always wanted for yourself, you will think of getting your dream job, create your dream home, and open to meet your dream friends too. Moving to another city includes many tasks including finding a new house, a new school for your children if you have any school going children, and also finding a job if it is not a transfer case. Out of all these primary decisions, locating a right house for you is of upmost priority.

Many factors should be kept in mind while choosing the perfect new home for you and your family which may include type and size of dwelling, location, traffic patterns, amenities, safety, neighbourhood vibe, distance from your office and your children’s school.

Renting Vs. Buying an Apartment:

Renting or buying a house in a new city is a very important and tricky decision to make. Though having your own home gives you a feeling of belongingness to the place around too, but buying it in the very beginning may not be a very good decisions. Though renting is considered the smarter choice when moving to a new city for a number of good reasons as it gives you flexibility and simplicity but there are its own cons too. Following are some of the common and important pros and cons of renting a house in a new city:

Pros of Renting an Apartment:

  • Renting a house is much less time and energy consuming than buying a house as you won’t have to worry about finding a new home and dealing with the sale of your old house while saying goodbye to family and friends, and organizing your move. This saved time and energy will allow you to focus on the forthcoming relocation and will definitely take off some of the moving stress.
  • Renting an apartment initially will save you from any mortgage or home loan and you will not be stuck to one place, if you don’t find something appropriate then you are free to leave and find a new place.
  • You’ll get enough time and chance to explore your new area and its surroundings. You will also be able to know the societal norms, market and entertainment zones your new city before deciding on a place to live permanently.
  • You’ll be able to carefully research same area where you have rented the apartment and even other areas for your housing options and can even wait for a while until an appropriate property becomes available.
  • After living on rent in a particular area, if you buy a house, you will get time to get all the necessary repairs and renovations done as you will not be in a hurry to shift.

Cons of renting an apartment:

Even after all the above said positive sides of renting an apartment in a new city there are certain drawbacks too which includes:

  • You may have to move again after finding your permanent new home in your new city. Though it will only be a move across the town, but as we know the hassle of relocating for the second time within a span of few months as relocating is a daunting process.
  • It will also waste a lot of money in moving again and again as moving companies charge a hefty amount everytime.
  • You won’t feel at home in a rented apartment. Owning a house gives the feeling of belongingness. So you will not be able to settle in and adapt to your new surroundings while you’re living in a short-term rental.
  • If your rented property isn’t large enough to accommodate all your stuff then you may have to pay for storage till you get a house of your own.
  • Your child may need to change schools twice within a year if you won’t get new own house in the same area where you have rented house.
  • Some rental properties do not allow pets so it will be difficult for you to manage if you have pets.

The best thing of renting is that you’ll have the freedom to move to a different place if things don’t go as planned in your new city or if you find you actually like it better in another part of town. Interstate moving companies suggest that when you decide to purchase a house, you’ll be able to make an informed choice after exploring the different neighbourhoodsin your new city and to know their characteristics of the chosen area like available amenities, entertainment locales, and recreational facilities, playgrounds, parks, and green areas, traffic peculiarities and transportation options, crime rate and safety, social, demographic, and ethnic characteristics of the communities, school districts etc. You’ll be able to find the perfect home in the perfect area to live in.


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