Newport Avenue Market Hosts “Meet the Producers”


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Product samplings, free hot dogs, big steak sale, live music, and more highlight annual celebration on Saturday, June 16.

Newport Avenue Market, Oregon Country Beef, and almost 20 local and regional producers will share samples, stories, and inspiration with the Bend community from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, June 16. Now in its fourth year, “Meet the Producers” is a celebration of ranchers, farmers, producers, and makers who supply products to the locally- and employee-owned Bend store. The event offers customers a chance to ask questions, taste samples, and learn more about the products they buy, straight from the source. Newport Avenue Market and Oregon Country Beef will also be offering free hot dogs, live music, ribeye steak tastings, big discounts, and more. Bend’s own Adventure Box Photo Booth will be set up in front of Newport’s Mural, #thebendwall, from 11am to 3pm for free photos and lots of fun!

WHO: Newport Avenue Market, Oregon Country Beef ranching families and almost 20 other local and regional specialty food and product makers.

WHAT: Newport Avenue Market’s annual celebration of Oregon Country Beef and its local ranching families, “Meet the Producers” include local purveyors of beef, beer, wine, vegetables, sweets, canine treats, and numerous other products. Customers can meet more almost 20 local and regional producers and sample their products.

WHEN: Main Event 10 am to 4 pm, Saturday, June 16; Bend’s own Adventure Box Photo Booth will be set up from 11am to 3pm

WHERE: Newport Avenue Market, 1121 NW Newport Ave., Bend, OR 97703

OTHER: “Meet the Producers” includes:
•    Oregon Country Beef, Burns, OR
•    Backporch Coffee Roasters, Bend, OR
•    Blue Reaven Pies, Amity, OR
•    Bontà Natural Artisan Gelato, Bend, OR
•    Caboost Kombucha, Bend, OR
•    Country Vines, Madras, OR
•    Eastside Distilling, Portland, OR
•    fRED SAUCE, Bend, OR
•    Holm Made Toffee Co., Bend, OR
•    J. Scott Cellars, Eugene, OR
•    Laird Superfood, Sisters, OR
•    Majesty’s Animal Nutrition, Redmond, OR
•    Rainbow Whiskey, Monroe, OR
•    Orchard View Cherries, The Dalles, OR
•    Riff Cold Brewed Coffee, Bend, OR
•    The Pines 1852 Vineyard, Hood River, OR
•    Union Wine Co., Tualatin, OR
•    Wild Ride Brewing, Redmond, OR


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