Man Saver Post Driver Celebrates 15 Years



Hitting its mark with the agricultural and ranching industries as the only multidirectional air-powered portable fence post driver, Rohrer Manufacturing celebrates the 15-year anniversary of the Man Saver Post Driver and still growing at 10-15 percent pace yearly. Innovation has been the backbone to its success.

Who is behind it all but 78-year-old genius machinist and military veteran Dan Rohrer of Rohrer Manufacturing. Rohrer’s innovation of the fence post driver concept in 1998 has led to nearly 16,000 units sold. Today’s refined version of the Man Saver Post Driver has become an asset tool for farmers, ranchers, vineyards, construction centers, highway and public works departments.

Even more astounding are the vitals of the Man Saver Post Driver:

•    Ultra lightweight, weighing from 26-54 pounds (depending on the version) and extremely compact to allow for remote fence installation projects

•    Only driver on the market that is air-powered for multidirectional use, portable, pneumatic; increasing efficiency by up to 50 percent

•    The price of the driver has never increased

•    All American-made

Rohrer says, “We are proud of our success and satisfaction of fulfilling an unmet demand for fence post drivers, most notably in the agricultural and ranching industry. Named Man Saver Post Driver for a reason, the driver was designed to take the back-breaking labor out of fencing.

“My three keys to success have always been to offer competitive pricing, having never increased prices of the drivers, employee fulfillment and listening to customers for enhancements and attachment additions.”

Rohrer first developed the Man Saver Post Driver in response to a fence builder who was complaining about his back and wishing for a “wonder tool.” In less than a month, the first Man Saver Post Driver was manufactured and on the market. Since then, he has developed a series of fence post drivers and expanded their capabilities with various adapters that allow them to drive almost any shaped post on the market up to 3.5” in diameter. These drivers are ideal for farm, ranch, rangeland or vineyard fencing. They are also great tools for highway department fence post driving, ranchers, equipment rental companies and more.

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