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100 Year Old Building Gets a Facelift

When you walk into the new home (on NW Irving Street in Bend) to Zivney Financial Group, LLC, you will enjoy the newly renovated 100 year old building, with its rich and warm colors and artwork from local artists decorating the walls.  There are many things to take in, like the classy fireplace showcasing the original mantle with new tile work, the new windows in dark wood trim and the remodeled layout of the house to give the office a nice flow. After entering into the living room, you walk into the “dining room” to be greeted by Registered Associate Debra Windus.

To the right is Owner Linda Zivney’s office, originally a bedroom, where a larger window was put in to let in more light.  Walking through the rest of the house there is a kitchen, a conference room and a file room; every room completed with the updated look.  

The building was renovated by contractor Kurt Reynolds of Nordic Construction and the landscaping was done by Dan Balyeat Landscaping, completed in about four months. Zivney bought the building in April 2011.  After the tenant moved out in January, the remodel process began. It was a great experience for Zivney from picking out colors to pondering design ideas.

“I picked out everything I wanted and it was amazing to watch it all transform,” said Zivney.  The response from her clients has been great. “They loved it and were excited for me to be able to do this,” she said with a big smile.

Building relationships has been the success of Zivney’s business and it seems fitting for her clients to walk in to her new office and enjoy the professional space that feels like a home.  “I hadn’t thought of wanting my office in an old home, but when I came to visit the office next door and saw the for sale sign on this building, it got me thinking,” she tells of her purchase.  

Several reasons motivated Zivney to make the purchase: to buy into a real estate investment, to own her office space versus renting and to change the location of her business to be near downtown.  The building had been a commercial location before, making the purchase appealing, therefore playing into the ease of transforming it back into a commercial office.  

In 2003, Zivney began building her client base at the Bank of the Cascades, as a registered principal of Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.  When she became independent in 2007, she moved to the Old Mill District to her own location, keeping her clients. Zivney has worked hard to build relationships with her clients, assisting them with their financial needs such as retirement planning, wealth management solutions, and strategic asset planning to name a few.   

With the baby boomers approaching their retirement years and the financial markets getting more complicated, Zivney feels it is important for her clients to have someone they can trust, who will show them through financial planning how to achieve their life goals.

Zivney Financial Group, www.zivneyfinancialgroup.com, 541-330-7590, 25 NW Irving, Bend.


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