Oregon HEAT Receives a $500,000 Grant from Meyer Memorial Trust For Emergency Energy Assistance


Meyer Memorial Trust (MMT), created by the personal philanthropy and estate of Fred G. Meyer, awarded Oregon HEAT a special grant this month for emergency energy assistance to help low-income Oregon families.

This is the fourth such major grant in the past three years, and demonstrates the professional relationship that has grown between MMT and Oregon HEAT, as well as validating Oregon HEAT’s ability to quickly and efficiently respond to the needs of Oregonians who are in the greatest need of emergency energy assistance. To date, Oregon HEAT has been able to help 3,896 households including 1,159 seniors and 4,573 children with grant funds from Meyer Memorial Trust.

This grant to Oregon HEAT is 17 PERCENT of the overall grants made by MMT on December 19, 2012. A total of one million dollars in special grants were awarded to two different charities: Oregon HEAT and Oregon Food Bank, to help poor and working class families in Oregon as they continue to struggle to meet the needs of their families in this economy.

MMT CEO Doug Stamm said: “While we have seen some promising signs recently, we know that economic challenges are still taking a big toll on many Oregon families. Oregon’s poverty rate has risen every year since the start of the Great Recession, many live in deep poverty. This leaves many Oregon families with a huge dilemma; Do we eat today or do we pay the heating bill? We hope our awards will encourage generous donations from others this winter season.”

Commenting on Oregon HEAT’s ability to implement this great award quickly to deliver assistance to Oregonians in crucial need, Executive Director Roger Rees said, “We’re proud of our statewide partner network that enables us to respond swiftly to families falling into energy crisis situations. MMT’s recognition of the plight of these families and Oregon HEAT’s ability to quickly help makes for an incredible team response to these needs. The fact that MMT makes this all possible through a grant is an incredibly valuable resource for us to help the most vulnerable in our communities across the state. ”

Roger Rees added, “Oregon has over 436,000 low-income households that could find themselves in crisis situation where they would need energy assistance. I think that given Meyer Memorial Trust’s gracious intent to help low-income Oregon families and Oregon HEAT’s network to serve the families in every county across the state, we jointly have a fabulous ability to rapidly respond to public need to protect families from harm from not having heat or lights in these cold winter months. MMT makes this all possible, and I’m so thankful that Oregon HEAT can effectively and efficiently fulfill the purpose of their grant.”

About Oregon HEAT

Oregon HEAT is a statewide, independent 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, founded to help low-income Oregonians obtain heat and lights during winter months and become more energy self-reliant. It receives no state or federal funding. In partnership with some 30 community agencies and three utilities throughout the state, Oregon HEAT provides energy assistance and advocates access to energy resources for low-income Oregonians. Oregon HEAT’s primary program objective is to prevent disconnection of utility services by providing bill payment assistance to low-income households in emergency situations. Oregon HEAT also raises funds through its utility partners Pacific Power, Portland General Electric, and West Oregon Electric Cooperative, as well as through grants and its innovative used oil recycling program.

To donate to, or learn more about, Oregon HEAT: Visit www.oregonheat.org; call: 503-612-6300; or write to Oregon HEAT, PO Box 127, Tualatin, OR 97062.


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