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A Mouth-Watering Stroll

On Sunday, April 28, Bend’s Community Center (BCC) will present year two of the increasingly popular Foodie Crawl in an effort to help those in need while simultaneously showing fellow Bendites and visitors alike a great time out on the town.

Attendees will be given the opportunity to sample small dishes and beverage combinations from top chefs as well as restaurants that have proven their skill by serving mouth-watering food to hungry individuals all over Central Oregon.

Some of the chefs and restaurants include Seventh Mountain Resort, Hola, Zydeco, 5 Fusion, Taj Palace, Primal Cuts, Trattoria Sbandati and the Range Restaurant from Brasada Ranch. However, don’t think that just because of the sheer number of dishes being presented that guests will be expected to quickly eat and move on. On the contrary, patrons are encouraged to go at their own speed and appreciate each meal they sample as they stroll through Downtown Bend on a quest to satisfy their taste buds.

Only after this mission is completed will Bend’s Community Center be offering dessert while hosting an after party and silent auction back at the center. But how exactly does all of this help those in need?

As explained by Bruce Abernethy, BCC’s board president, “Our hope is that The Foodie Crawl will help raise awareness about poverty and the importance of meeting basic needs like food and clothing….Because the dessert, silent auction and after party are going to be back at BCC, we hope that people will take a quick tour of the building, learn about our programs and decide to volunteer.”

Nevertheless, even if guests don’t wish to volunteer, attendees can still help those less fortunate by simply buying a ticket to the event. Proceeds from the Foodie Crawl will go towards Bend’s Community Center’s Feed the Hungry program, which provides more than 2,000 meals every week to those individuals who need them the most.

The Foodie Crawl is sure to be a hit with the stomachs and souls of many people as they dine their way towards a better community. One such person who captures the spirit of this event quite perfectly is OJ Robinson, executive chef at Seventh Mountain Resort. “We like to help out people in the community in need and anytime we can tie cooking together with a good cause, we really enjoy it.”



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