Nine Peaks Solutions Unveils Highly Intelligent Payroll Reporting Software: HCMReporter  


Bend-based Nine Peaks Solutions, a technology consulting firm, announced the launch of its new HCMReporter software application. HCMReporter is a highly intelligent reporting tool that securely extracts historical data from existing Human Capital Management (HCM) systems. For companies looking to “change lanes” with their HCM systems, it intuitively integrates historical data and streamlines the payroll functions for human resource professionals by providing access to compliance and historical data securely and efficiently. New clients can sign up now for implementation.

Accessing and retrieving payroll and HR historical data such as pay statements, past W-2 statements, 1095-C forms and other HCM employment history quickly and easily is imperative for your organization and employees — past and current. Delivering this with overall time saving with less IT involvement provides many necessary benefits. Our HCMReporter reporting software, much like an HCM, is a channel through which HR delivers value to the organization. The best part is that companies do not have to keep old HCM systems up and running while maintaining compliance standards — all with streamlined access to the data stored securely in a cloud application. 

Additional features and services of HCMReporter include: 

  • Simplified HCM transition. The onboarding process is secure, fast and seamless. The data transfers are guaranteed secure and painless as Nine Peaks assumes responsibility in the audit and transfer of data to ensure accuracy and privacy.
  • Expansive Reporting Capabilities. Report on and access payroll information & totals, employee pay statement, Quarterly & Yearly Total Reports, HR info / employment history / job change history, attachments in the database, employee benefit history.
  • Data Continuity and Assurance. Stress-free data preservation. Never lose your present history once the present HCM tenant is no longer available.  All this while tying in your past history into your new HCM system online.
  • Reduce Costs. Reduced IT support / Eliminate software application fees / Eliminate Operating System & software assurance fees. Only minimal training is required to get superior results.
  • Ease of Output delivery. Output can be delivered in multiple ways, including secure Laserfiche cloud solution or Laserfiche repository on premise, our HCMViewe software (an employee portal) or documents that are placed into a server’s or workstation’s folder structure at the organization’s location. If you would like to load the HCMReporter results to an existing Enterprise Content Management system other than Laserfiche, we’ll provide assistance in getting the data loaded.

“We believe the role of HR goes way beyond administering policies and putting processes in place, it transforms the way companies streamline functionality, maintains compliance, payroll and reporting systems,” said Eric Skidmore, chief executive officer, Nine Peaks Solutions. “That is why we created HCMReporter, to service the HCM priorities within companies and help execute business continuity.”

Download our newly released white paper titled, 9 Easy Steps to Get Superior Results During HCM Data Conversion.

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