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Bend, Oregon-based Patrol Services International is making Central Oregon and cities across the country safer through prevention for its clients.

“We respond to hundreds of calls each year ranging from trespassers and suspicious subjects, to noise complaints and alarms,” said Nick Thompson, CEO and founder. “It’s really a wide gamut. But we focus on prevention instead of apprehension.”

The company began in 2005 as Bend Patrol Services, a local crime-prevention service. Over the past three years, it has grown into Patrol Services International, a successful franchise with five franchisee groups in three states and Washington, D.C that employs more than 100 people. The company has sold the rights to 19 franchise territories.

“It’s very exciting and rewarding to see a concept come into fruition,” Thompson said. “It has worked very well for us here in Central Oregon and it’s exhilarating to see it work in other communities throughout the country.”

But Thompson has no intentions of slowing down.

“We’re on the verge of some huge growth,” he said. “The first ten franchises were the hardest ones because we had to prove the concept. But now we’ve crossed that hurdle.”

Thompson has set his sights on entering the California market next. He’s also planning on opening a second corporate office in Austin, Texas during the first quarter of next year. And his ultimate goal is to expand overseas.

The strategy of Patrol Services is to prevent crime by having a uniformed presence of patrols at client locations such as hospitals, colleges and apartment buildings. The majority of Thompson’s employees have police or military police experience that they can apply to the private sector in the form of proactive security.

“Our goal is to improve the safety of our community on behalf of our clients,” he said.

Thompson, a retired police officer with more than a decade of patrol experience, said he has connections with past and present members of the law enforcement community, which helps Patrol Services keep abreast of the latest laws and equipment available in the industry.

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