Planning A Large Event? We’ve Got You Covered With this Guide!


Hosting a large event can be stressful. With so many variables to keep track of, it can be easy to miss small details. You can be sure that those who attend your event will remember the mistakes rather than the great aspects. To help ensure you cover your bases, follow this guide to set up a successful event.

1. Planning the Venue

The first decision that you need to make is the location of your event. Venues should cater to the theme of your event. If you’re hosting something about the climate or landscaping, then maybe you want an outdoor venue. This would allow you to feature a few different landscaping or outdoor centerpieces.

You should also check the weather. If you need your event to take place when the weather is chillier, then you might want to consider an indoor venue space. One way to cover your bases is to use a venue that offers both an outdoor and indoor space.

A small patio can be a nice private location for a few people that need some fresh air. The bulk of the event can occur indoors. With more space available to you, you can decorate accordingly and wow your guests.

One last detail to consider about your venue is whether or not they have a kitchen and bar. Some venues won’t allow you to use outside catering companies. They want you to use their services instead. Some venues won’t allow the sale of alcohol either. Check your budget and make sure that you can afford the additional services from the venue.

2. The Food

Another extremely important aspect to consider is the food that you serve. Most people come to events expecting to eat some sort of meal. You typically have two choices when it comes to catering companies. They can serve food buffet-style or use a waiter service.

Depending on the type of event you’re holding, each has its advantages and disadvantages. With a buffet, you run the risk of the food becoming cold. Yet it’s also typically faster. For waiter service, it’s more professional, but it can be a bit slower for guests to receive their food.

It’s also important to include dishes that cater to those who are vegan, require kosher meals, or other diet restrictive meals.

3. Gifts

One great way to make your event memorable is to have giveaways and gift bags. One gift that you might want to consider is blank koozies. Almost everyone can use blank koozies. They’re cheap, customizable, and practical.

Another gift that you might want to consider handing out is gift cards. While this can be pricey, it also allows your guests to purchase something that they want for themselves. If you’re hosting an event for a commercial business, then the gift card might associate with them. It’s a great way to boost their sales and introduce new customers to them.

4. Entertainment

A final aspect of your event to consider is entertainment. The type of entertainment at the event should pertain to its theme. If this is a business event, then classy music might be the best approach. For a more casual event, you might have party music, a comedian, or even an acrobatic troupe perform. You can also include wine tastings, painting, and other fun games to keep your guests entertained.


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