Plantae Health in Central Oregon First Cannabis Business in Deschutes County to Receive Recreational License


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Alfalfa Valley Farms received one of the first approved LUCS (Land Use Compatibility Statement) in rural Deschutes County, which is necessary and vital to completing their OLCC recreational production license. Their company, Plantae Health, launched their cannabis farm and two store locations in 2015 and now plans to open its latest store in Bend in January. Plantae currently has locations in Madras and Prineville.

Recreational sales at OHA (Medical) Dispensaries ended on December 31, 2016 making the timing of Plantae’s license crucial for a seamless opening of the new store.

“We are converting all our stores to LUC regulations which makes it a good time for the new Bend location to open with the same conditions,” said Kristen White, General Manager for Plantae Health.

As Plantae converts their farm and stores to the LUC recreational program they decided it was an ideal time to introduce Bend to Central Oregon’s only single sourced farm-to-table cannabis business. Their newest store will be located on the east side of Bend at 2115 NE Hwy 20 Ste 107.

The Bend store is approximately 2,800 square feet and the company plans to host a grand opening celebration the first week of January. An official opening date and details will be announced on the company’s social media sites.

Plantae says it has built a strong reputation for providing safe and affordable cannabis products to Central Oregon. All of their cannabis products are grown locally in rural Deschutes County at their Alfalfa Valley Farms site east of Bend off Highway 20. Plantae reports that the farm-to-table approach allows the company to control the quality and affordability of their cannabis flower.

“Our farm will very shortly be a full recreational production facility once we complete a few other steps and inspections in order to be licensed,” White said.

As a single sourced farm to table business the owners care for the plants throughout the entire growth cycle, during final testing and approval and then are in the shop selling the finished product. The product knowledge that Plantae offers is unprecedented due to their intimate relationship with the cannabis they grow and sell.

It is important for customers to know where their cannabis comes from and since Plantae is so closely involved with the growing, cultivating, and production of all of their cannabis products they are able to monitor and control the quality from seed to sale, ensuring they are only offering the finest cannabis available.

Plantae Health first established in more rural communities of Prineville and Madras with the intent of serving rural medical marijuana patients without the ability to easily obtain their medication.

“We wanted to allow rural residents to access safe and affordable medicine,” said White.

The Madras location is now fully transitioned into the recreational market and the Bend location will be recreational once they open for business.

Although Plantae’s stores will sell recreational marijuana the Prineville location will not be able to sell recreational marijuana since Crook County opted to prohibit the establishment of Licensed Recreational Marijuana businesses with a 56 percent vote against Measure 91.

Plantae values community and regularly sponsors various events throughout the year in Central Oregon. As well as staying involved at the local level, Plantae acts at the national level as a voice for Oregon’s OMMP medical cannabis patients.

With Plantae’s expansion into Bend they continue to grow as a local and regional leader in the cannabis industry.

In preparation for the new location, and in order to keep up with supply demands, the Alfalfa Valley farm underwent an expansion beginning in May 2016 with the addition of new greenhouses. The farm currently has eight greenhouses and two more are currently under construction.

Plantae’s business model is simple and based on providing a quality product along with an informative customer service experience. Their staff are highly knowledgeable about the medicinal values of cannabis and are eager to assist all who come to visit the stores.

“Our Cannabis Consultants educate people about the product. They offer scientific and research- based diagnosis toward an end goal of the customers’ health and well-being. We do not try to sell a product. For us it is more about fitting the customer with the right product for their needs,” White said.

Many people have had bad experiences with cannabis or go into a store looking simply for the highest percentage of THC. Plantae is attempting to change that culture by offering more of a precise medicated approach to their customers’ needs.

“We are taking the next step for a safe industry to help people medicate and to provide a quality experience,” said Jocelyn Anderson, CEO of Plantae Health. “We want people to understand that it is not just about the product with the highest percentage THC. We engage with the customer and work with them to make sure they get the experience they want.”

With their new Bend location Plantae intends to offer individual consulting sessions. Customers will receive a one-on-one consultation with a cannabis consultant to ensure that they get the product most suitable for their ailments.

“We really want to focus on educational consulting to provide excellent service and product to our customers. We want to build a strong and loyal customer base of patients,” Anderson said.

Customers will receive an individualized consultation where a highly trained Cannabis Consultant diagnoses a specific strain and dosage that meets the goals for the customer or patient. The goal is to empower the customer and make sure they are receiving the proper medication.

“If you feel uneducated we will take the time to make sure the product meets your desired goals in the experience,” White said. “We find that by taking the time to engage with our customers, listening to what they need and providing a quality product then our customers will continue coming back.”

As Plantae Health prepares to open their newest location they already have their sights set on future locations for stores throughout Central Oregon. With their LUC recreational product license in hand the company is one step ahead in their ongoing expansion plans.

Plantae Health
Location: Madras, Prineville and Bend
CEO of Plantae Health: Jocelyn Anderson
CEO of Alfalfa Valley Farms: Andrew Anderson
General Manager: Kristen White
No. Employees: 20 Employees
Year Established: 2015. Alfalfa Valley Farms launched in May, Prineville location in July and Madras location in September.
Product/Service: Locally grown cannabis products including flowers, concentrates, edibles and pre-rolls.
Hot News: Received the first recreational product license in Deschutes County and plans to open its new Bend location the first week of January 2017.
Outlook for Growth: Goal is to continue opening more stores throughout Central Oregon and continue to develop the farm to provide product for each store.


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