Rebound Physical Therapy Work Injury Program Helping Workers Return to Work


(Photo courtesy of Rebound Physical Therapy)

Rebound Physical Therapy, a trusted name in outpatient physical therapy care has launched a work injury rehabilitation program. Located adjacent to Rebound’s North PT Clinic in Bend (2700 NE Fourth St.), the work injury rehab program is based in a 3,000 square foot space equipped with lumbar, tires, sleds, ladders, tools and more.

All the things you can think of needed to recreate tasks that a worker may need to use when recovering from injury and re-learning the ability to return to their job.

“The program and facility allow us simulate work tasks and bridge the gap between physical therapy and return to work,” says Eric Runnels, PT, clinic manager of Bend’s North Clinic.

Once in Rebound’s care these “industrial athletes” are transitioned into a return to work plan where hands on therapy, exercise and work simulation are initiated as soon as possible. Rebound  works closely with patients, providers, employers, and workman’s compensation system to create as fast and safe return to work as possible.

The work injury rehab program at Rebound offers a wide range of services including work conditioning and hardening, testing for return to work capability: Physical Capacity (PCE) and  Work Capacity Evaluations (WCE), pre-employment screenings, ergonomic assessments and more.

The results of Rebound’s program have not only been positive with patients but with the Central Oregon business community, local municipalities, local fire and law enforcement and local industry. Preventing injuries before they happen has been shown to have the most significant cost savings.

Located in our North Clinic, just off Butler Market next to Snap Fitness, Rebound’s work injury facility is conveniently placed for Central Oregon’s work force. Rebound has ten locations throughout Central Oregon, helping to ensure we are able to provide care to anyone in the area.


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