Residents Encouraged to Use Water Wisely Outdoors


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As growing season in Central Oregon begins, the City of Bend WaterWise Program encourages residents to take an active role in managing their outdoor water.

“This is the time of year when we see landscape irrigation systems start to come on and water demands increase,” said Mike Buettner, City of Bend Water Conservation program manager. “It’s important to make sure your irrigation system is operating efficiently and programmed for this time of year, and then make incremental adjustments throughout summer.”

The City offers several resources to help residents better manage outdoor water use:

  • WaterSmart Software
    Bend water customers have access to their water use through WaterSmart and can track daily water use, get alerts and notifications about water use, and learn how they compare to similar households.
  • WaterWise Guides
    The City’s WaterWise Program offers three, full-color WaterWise Guides that cover landscape, irrigation, and curbside landscaping in Bend. The guides are free to the public and available online or at the City Hall Information Desk.
  • WaterWise Workshops at Hollinshead Park
    Join the WaterWise Program, in partnership with the Central Oregon Master Gardener Association, to learn about drip irrigation, low-water landscape transformations and more.

Residents should also remember to follow the City’s approved irrigation hours and days:

  • No landscape irrigation from 9am to 5pm
  • Even addresses can irrigate on even calendar days
  • Odd addresses can irrigation on odd calendar days

For questions about your irrigation system, contact the City of Bend Utility Department at 541-317-3000 (option #2) or



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