TAO–Women in STEAM: New Mentorship Program for Women in Central Oregon


Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) Women in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) builds mentoring connections in the new year 2018 with its new mentoring program in Central Oregon. The objective of the program is to match female professionals in STEAM careers to build one-on-one professional relationships and friendships in order to help retain and encourage women in STEAM careers in the region. These mentorships can offer guidance, support, and advice to optimize success, increase their career satisfaction, and also to help navigate the unique challenges of being a woman in male-dominated workplaces.

Reese Mercer of Five Talent and Luann Abrams of Founders Pad developed this program because they both know the value of mentorship and were unable to find a similar program in our area. Ms. Mercer said, “Having a mentor at different times during my career has provided me invaluable insights and guidance around the trickier professional situations I’ve encountered–insights that one can’t read in a book or learn in school.”

Ms. Abrams experience was somewhat different, stating, “I did not have a mentor in the early stages of my career and I really feel like I could have benefitted from another woman’s experience to guide me through some difficult situations. I hope this program will give women one more way to succeed.”

TAO’s Women in STEAM: Central Oregon developed a short questionnaire to match mentors and mentees based on a personality profile. Potential matches will include Senior Experience to Junior Experience professionals or Peer-to-Peer, such as two start-up entrepreneurs who want to support one another. The program participants should be willing to commit to working together for six months while meeting once per month or approximately 1-2 hours per month.

For more information on becoming on being a mentor or finding a mentor visit https://sites.google.com/view/costeammentoring

TAO Women in STEAM: Central Oregon is a community-based organization working together to unify Central Oregon’s STEAM community and tip the scale in favor of a gender-balanced future. We recognize the challenges faced by women in STEAM fields, and believe these can only be tackled by a gender-inclusive, collaborative approach. That’s why we look to partner and collaborate with the community, businesses, organizations and individuals to serve as a resource for learning, growth and outreach, for both women and Central Oregon as a whole.

TAO Women in STEAM: Central Oregon’s mission is to unify women in the STEAM community in Central Oregon with a vision of enabling them to reach their full STEAM potential. Goals are to:
·         Create paths for girls and women interested in STEAM careers
·         Establish a platform for connections, resources and opportunities
·         Enable ongoing education opportunities for career growth and prosperity


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