The best ways to communicate with your consumers


In a world where consumers are time poor, and the market is saturated by businesses providing similar services and products, it’s the customer service of a business that can set it apart, but what are the best ways to communicate with your customers?

Email marketing campaigns

With 2.9 billion email users world-wide email marketing campaigns still play a huge role in the success of any marketing campaigns. Make your email campaigns more successful by personalising them to each subscriber. The simple addition of a name can make the email feel more tailored to the consumer as opposed to just another marketing email.

Remember to format the emails for mobile use, with 63% of users opening emails with a mobile device you want your consumers to be able to read the email with ease instead of frustration.

And don’t forget to ask for feedback, use survey marketing campaigns for invaluable insights in to your consumers wants and needs. Entice them to complete the survey by providing an incentive such as 10% off their next purchase.

Engage on social media

42% of the world have at least one social media account, but it’s important to know where your audience is in order to use the correct social media channel. Social media is a fantastic way for businesses to interact with their customers in a positive way if used correctly.

83% of customers who sent a Tweet to a company and received a response felt better about the company illustrating how important it is for businesses to reply to customers comments, whether positive or negative in a constructive way.

Live Streaming on Facebook and Instagram is a great way to interact with customers too. It’s the perfect place to showcase a new product, answer questions or show the behind-the-scenes of your business.

Add a chat service to your website

Live chat receives the highest consumer satisfaction rate at 92% as it provides users with instant support. 71% of businesses believe that by 2021 live chat will become the most popular form of customer service.

If you haven’t already, adding a live chat service to your website could set you apart from your competitors- a word of caution however, consumers expect answers within 10 minutes. If you don’t think this is feasible, it might be worth sticking to traditional forms of communication.

Speak on the telephone

Picking up the phone and speaking directly with customers is still the best way to interact. Thanks to the clever little resonators used in communication devices, 65% of customers still value listening to a voice and interacting in a personal manner.

The cornerstone of modern customer service, telephones provide an invaluable way to interact with your consumers.

It’s vital for businesses to communicate openly and honestly with their consumers in order to build brand loyalty and trust, and with one in three consumers who walk away from a business because of a single bad experience it’s imperative that your business gets it right when it comes to engaging with customers.


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