The Technology Association of Oregon Presents Resiliency Series 


(Rep. John Lively is featured speaker during the Technology Association of Oregon’s Resiliency Series session on July 17 | Photo courtesy of The Technology Association)

Resiliency Series | Executive Session: Featuring Rep. John Lively

July 17, 2020
Location: Online

Last year, TAO started engaging our stakeholders and elected officials about the resiliency of our region. The COVID era has brought that conversation to the forefront for our businesses, government and community. Skip Newberry, president and CEO of the Technology Association of Oregon, will be leading a series to give updates, collect input and offer recommendations to our executives, elected officials and partners.


Thanks to a generous sponsorship by Portland State University, TAO will continue this resiliency series for our stakeholders. This will be a 30-minute call that is structured as both “just-in-time” communication and an “ask-me-anything” format with a guest speaker.


Featuring Rep. John Lively, House Interim Committee on Economic Development

Economic development is the process by which a community improves the economic, political and social well-being of its residents. It is broad in scope and includes elements of society not frequently associated with economics such as social welfare, early childhood education and criminal justice reform. Equitable economic development requires input from social workers just as much as business leaders.

How is Oregon addressing economic development through this health and financial crisis? As a state, what will be the key elements leveraged to improve the economic, political and social well-being of all our residents? Please join us for a conversation with Representative John Lively, chair of the House Interim Committee on Economic Development, to explore answers to those questions.  

Rep. Lively has spent a career as a public servant representing residents in Springfield, Oregon with terms on City Council and as Mayor prior to joining the Oregon House of Representatives. His private sector work spans manufacturing, construction and the semiconductor industry and he is a proud father of two daughters who are raising his grandchildren in the Southern Willamette Valley.

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All the “Ilities”: Taking a Holistic Approach to Technical Resiliency

July 21, 2020
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Virtual Event, Portland, OR

Scalability, reliability, usability, dependability and portability are all important in good times, but they become your tech lifeline in a crisis.

A well-designed and defined process, supported by effective and tested procedures, can enable any organization to respond and continue through any disruption to provide the normal level of service to its customers and stakeholders. But how do you build and maintain a resilient organization while also accounting for human factors?

Technology Association of Oregon and Catalyte invite you to an online technical resiliency discussion on Tuesday, July 21 starting at 11am.

Participants will have the chance to identify constraints and weak points across their systems, and learn how focusing on human intersections within those systems allows you to see problem areas, and resolve them, more holistically.

Moderator is Skip Newberry, president and CEO, Technology Association of Oregon. Panelists are Don Wolff, CTO, Portland Public Schools, and Mike Oliver, co-founder and head of product, Alma.


The topic will be most relevant for executives, directors and managers interested in learning more about enhancing the technical resiliency of their organization.


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