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BasX2Innovative New Company BasX Solutions Retrofits Former Redmond Store

A cutting edge new company that specializes in delivering customized solutions for clients came up with a creative answer of its own to the question of finding dynamic space to house its operations with the repurposing of a vacant former “big box” retail site in Redmond.

BasX Solutions – an emerging leader in product development, precision design and manufacturing, which is building success on a true innovative approach to custom engineered products – purchased the 105,000 square foot one-time Walmart store on SW 21st Street and has been transforming it into a full-service manufacturing and assembly facility with the help of SunWest Builders and Pinnacle Architecture. The structure sits on almost 13 acres, which also offers ample scope for future growth.

Sleek, functional offices now line the previous storefront windows, with a remodeled lobby including wood paneled ceiling also reflecting the contemporary look, while the bulk of the interior space is devoted to the evolving industrial plant.

BasX Solutions is a newly formed LLC managed by David Benson and Matthew Tobolski. Benson previously headed a large manufacturing company in the Portland area and has over 35 years production and HVAC industry experience, but was tempted out of retirement by the prospect of working with his children, who are joining the new enterprise, and with Tobolski, who brings 11 years of business and engineering background to the organization.

Tobolski, who holds a PhD in engineering, is a founding partner of Tobolski Watkins, a structural engineering firm based in San Diego, which also has offices in Bend.

Project Architect Mark Rossi said that when BasX came to Pinnacle for the retrofitting of its newly acquired space, the change was clear – to design an industrial space that would allow the company to advance its core philosophy of maintaining precision standards while pursing innovation.

Rossi added, “We worked with BasX to transform the previous retail facility into a full-service manufacturing and assembly plant, including modernizing the single-story space with new heating and ventilation systems.

“The front area of the facility was repurposed with native elements and materials for personnel offices and client engagement and the company now has a thriving, efficient space that accommodates the precision engineering and product demands of its customers ranging from high tech, construction, military and healthcare fields.

“The design also helps to ensure that each custom BasX product represents a fusion of key fundamentals and innovative application approaches.”

One of the remodel challenges included removing the voluminous adhesive residue that attached the previous store flooring, and the underlying concrete has now been diamond ground to form a sturdy base. The former Walmart garden center area has also been repurposed as a products testing center.

Tobolski explained that there are several pillars to BasX, including providing modular unit systems to cater to, for example, data centers or military installation applications. Pre-engineered ‘plug and play’ solutions can also benefit clients in terms of answering ‘speed to market’ needs.

He said, “We plan to design and manufacture a variety of products based on a modular concept, such as a clean water plant or a surgical or pharmaceutical suite.

“We also have designs for modular clean rooms and power generators among other applications. These designs permit quick installation or upgrades and are useful in emergency or military applications.

“Other areas we are working in include custom-engineered HVAC system solutions, and ‘integrative structural systems’ such as those deployable on a mobile basis or, for example, isolation units that could be used to quarantine passengers with viral conditions entering international airports.”

Benson added, “We are excited to be in Redmond. It is nice to feel so welcomed in Central Oregon and we look forward to growing operations here.

“We acknowledge the outstanding community support and economic development leadership that helped make this move possible, and Eric Sande, via Redmond Chamber of Commerce, should be singled out for his persistence over many years to make sure that the next business development undertaken by our team happened here.

“BasX Solutions projects that there will a significant number of jobs created in this operation over the next two years and we are excited to have this opportunity to be working with Redmond and surrounding communities.

“I feel very fortunate to be in this position, and one of the attractions of coming out of retirement for this business is the prospect of working with gifted individual like my son Daniel and Matt Tobolski.

“Matt is hugely talented and respected, and one measure of that is the fact he was sought out by multiple clients as a consultant after the 2010-11 earthquakes devastated the central business district of Christchurch, New Zealand. He also helped in installation of modular structures that enabled retail facilities to get back up and running expediently while rebuilding work was ongoing.

Benson said the company had “several lines in the water” regarding product development opportunities, aided by a vibrant research and development department. Projects included HVAC applications that don’t compete with patented products, and the company was already on track with projections and continuing to ramp up operations.

He said modular units also had the advantage of being scalable, allowing flexibility in growth as needs arose, while another major plank of the business was in the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) field in terms of building parts for other companies.

He added, “The name BasX Solutions is derived from the concept of “Back to the Basics.”

“As the world becomes more complicated in systems, requirements, codes, conduct, restrictions and political correctness, many businesses lose sight of their basic principles, which are the core of a successful business.

“BasX Solutions’ principals are to keep true to their core values and the fundamental aspects of product development, design and manufacturing while always innovating the approach, applications and methods to create better solutions to meet the industry’s evolving requirements and needs.

“Not many companies have what we can offer. Part of the solution we can deliver is the way we can do things that are economically viable. One customer was going to source operations in Mexico but we were able to show how we could cater to his needs more efficiently and as cost-effectively here.”

As part of an incentives package to attract BasX to locate in Central Oregon, the company received a five-year property tax abatement in return for meeting family wage criteria and making investments in property and equipment.

About BasX

BasX Solutions is a manufacturer of custom engineered products catering to healthcare, military, high tech and construction fields. BasX offers a wide range of product offerings feeding off the significant experience the core team has gained as experienced industry exponents in the engineering and high-tech manufacturing fields. Each product stands alone against the industry standard through BasX Solutions’ fusion of key fundamentals with innovative design, technology and application approaches.

BasX Solutions will be a manufacture of a wide range of modular (containerized) products that will be serving areas such as: modular hospital units, modular power storage units, modular cooling solutions and structural solutions.

BasX Solutions

SW 21st Street, Redmond, OR •

Contractor: SunWest Builders, 541-548-7341,

Square Footage: 105,000

Project Manager: Jeff Winstead – Project Manager

Superintendent: Dan Whitcomb

Project Coordinator: Tessa Cox

Engineer: Matt Tobolski

Architect: Pinnacle Architecture

Principal Architect: Mark Rossi

Subcontractors and Suppliers:
JR Faulkner Excavation, Western Protective Coatings, Bend Concrete Service Co., Cutrite Concrete Cutting, Solid Rock Masonry, All-Position Welding, Inc., Baxter Builders, Pro-Shop Millwork, LDC, Inc., Cascade Interior Trim and Door, Overhead Door Company of Central Oregon, CCI Bend, LLC, John A. Varner Construction, White Star Enterprises, Alpine Abatement Associates, TCS Contract, Inc., Webfoot Painting Company, Bend Electric, Inc., North Country Building Specialties LLC, J&R Fire Protection, Severson Plumbing, Quality Heating & Air


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