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For the past few years, virtual gambling has been the center of focus since the evolution of casino gambling. The industry has seen much improvement since the new technology took place of the sector. We have experienced rapid development over recent years and the industry is poised to hit greater heights than now. As a matter of fact, the income in online gambling has moved from €17 billion to around €45 billion as from 2009 to 2018.

With the possibility of earning greater profits, we have seen several entrepreneurs encouraged to establish new online businesses especially in the gambling industry. As a result of this, the industry has experienced severe competition. With stiff competition in the online businesses, entrepreneurs have looked for ways of evolving and generating revenues. They have done so by simply advancing their services and also integrating trend solutions for the online business, in this case the casino, to work to their expectations.

As an online casino operator, you focus on what will be relevant in the industry for the foreseeable future. Another focus is to look out for successful trends that will enable you remain competitive and successful in the industry. What we have touched briefly in the beginning of this article will become relevant if you continue with us until the end.

New Online Markets

Online business especially gambling has become popular and the industry is gradually expanding. According to experts, there is an expected gradual growth of the industry in continents like Africa, Asia as well as Eastern Europe. The rapid growth of online gambling will be as a result of few factors. Some of them include internet accessibility via mobile devices, new legislations and different innovations in life. Eastern Europe will experience important processes and the main one will be in the legislative industry.

In Africa, PwC has forecasted significant growth of online casino with the revenue share expected to be around $1.2 billion in South Africa alone. Gambling is legal in certain countries in Asia and one of them being Japan. We have also seen online gambling take place in India and investors are on the radar of investing in other countries where gambling is legal. They include countries like Georgia, Philippines and Kazakhstan.

Gambling on mobile and adaptability of website to mobile devices

Online casino sector has seen a substantial growth of players who prefer using mobile devices to gamble. The growth is significant every year with most players terming it useful and convenient. According to a study that is on Rub90 portal, online gamblers who prefer using mobile devices like smartphones to gamble had a significant growth by 117%. This was between 2012 and 2018 and the trend appears to be more in the coming years. The growth is because the mobile devices are increasingly available and are very functional. We cannot also forget improved standards in communication and there has been great improvement in mobile internet coverage and speed. Many websites have been trying to implement ways to receive more traffic on websites due to this. As a result, players have decided to cancel trips to computer clubs so that you can play video slots or place a bet on sports events. You can do the whole things at your home or office during your free time. Any gambling platform can now be accessed through smartphone at any place as long as you are connected to an internet. It is up to the online casino providers to provide online casinos on the go and for the players to adapt the portability of the game.

Introduction of Cryptocurrencies or Blockchain in Online Casinos

Technology has brought a lot of differences in online industry and one of the kind that has been adapted by most of the operators is the cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It is a fashion that gives operators a chance to offer highest level of security in online transactions. It is one way of giving users much confidence and as a way of attracting new customers on their platforms. Most operators have embraced the trend and it is here to stay. With this technology, the transactions between the operator and the players are transparent. It is secure because it is very hard for scammers to hack the systems and it is also hard for the data in the ledger to be changed.

Adoption of AI Systems and VR Solutions

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems and the Virtual Reality solutions (VR) are some of new technologies that are trending in online business. With AI programs, online operators are able to develop customized offers whereby the user’s behavior on the platform gets examined and predicts their preferred entertainment from the data collected. It also helps fight gambling addiction as well as swindlers.

And even as we anticipate the use of 5G network, experts already claim that it will be instrumental to AI and VR systems. However, how will 5G improve our lives, and is it hazardous?

VR solutions on the other hand plays an integral role in retaining operator’s clients. They have become functional with most operators and remain accessible year after year. This has made most online gamblers utilize them even though they have not spread widely in the gambling industry. Besides increasing the number of clients, Virtual Reality technology improves brand awareness.

Live casinos

Live games on online casinos is a popular thing most operators have initiated and players have highly embraced. It remains on trend and when combined with virtual reality solutions it attracts more players on the platform. The popularity of live casinos has grown as a result of increased mobile communications. They have better video quality which can be accessed on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. With online games, players gain great confidence and they have an opportunity of talking to real dealers and other players on the platform. They get the atmosphere of brick-and-mortar casinos at the comfort of their living rooms. This trend is also expected to remain popular by most players in the foreseeable future. There is also a great evolution by most operators with many expected to increase the range of live events and many more.


Networking is an essential factor for any industry to develop which is the same thing with online business. It is an essential factor because it involves communicating with potential clients. Gambling business especially the online platform is an easiest for an operator to make connections. For this to be achieved, operators need to negotiate with representatives in the industry with a possibility of meeting new clients, investors and business partners. Most operators utilize specialized events as platforms of efficient networking. This have been held in most parts of the world whereby you get to meet a number of leaders in the industry and also qualified experts in online casino promotion and development. Through these forums there is enhanced communication and get to know how to handle issues.


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