Top Mistakes Your Business Might Be Making When Reaching Out To Customers


When starting any new business, regardless of which industry you are in, reaching out to customers is typically a difficult challenge.

It’s not that there aren’t very many effective marketing and advertising methods out there already, because there sure are. Rather, the main challenge is in building name recognition for your brand and companies when you are competing against several other well established names already.

If you are indeed encountering significant levels of difficulty to reaching out to customers and increasing your conversion rates, your marketing campaign is undoubtedly in need of revamping, and that starts with identifying which mistakes you are making (and you definitely are if, again, you’re not getting the conversion rates and customers you need or desire).

With that in mind, ere are the top mistakes your business might be making when reaching out to customers:

Not Maintaining Consistency

Consistency is everything when it comes to marketing: consistency in actually reaching out to customers, consistency in your marketing themes, consistency in the primary colors your company utilizes in advertisements… the list goes on.

Maintain consistency in everything you do, and your marketing campaign will automatically rise to a whole new level. 

Not Having A Business App

Having a business app that provides value to your customers is critical, and it’s not something that every company or business does (even though they should).

For example, your app can be used as your referral or rewards program, it can be used to offer discounts and coupons to users, and it can be even be used to communicate important updates to your users as well (much as having an email list would).

Make sure that your app is professionally designed, user intuitive, easy to navigate, and makes effective use of bold colors. Also be sure to keep your customers active and engaged by sending them push notifications on a regular basis (around once or twice a week should be sufficient). 

Not Understanding What Truly Motivates Your Customers

This is critical, because no marketing campaign can truly be successful if you don’t understand your customers or what they truly want.

Here’s a cold hard truth for you to know: your customer does not always want to buy what you sell.

But your customer will always want to buy what you sell if your product or services helps improve their life in any way.

In other words, if your customer can realize how your product or service makes their life easier, they will be much more willing to pay good money for it.

The best way to understand what your customers truly want will be to talk to them. Don’t focus on just wha you do. Instead, find out why your customers want to buy what you have to offer.

Focusing On Selling Over Building Relationships

This is another big mistake that many new businesses especially make: focusing more on the profit and making sales versus building a relationship. In fact, this is one of the biggest mistakes that your company can make.

But the reality is that literally no company or business can succeed without having repeat customers who come back to you.

There are many things you will need to do in order to build a solid relationship with your customer, but it starts with quitting trying to force your customer to buy a product and instead offer them a choice.

Your marketing campaign needs to introduce your product and effectively describe how it can be used to help the customer improve their life. Then, the customer knows they have a choice: they can either buy their product to see the improvement, or they can choose not to.

This stands in stark contrast to, say, implying in your marketing that your customer has to buy your product right now. It’s why a call-to-action of “limited time offer” is usually more effective than “buy now.”

Avoiding Mistakes When Reaching Out To Customers

There are many more marketing mistakes that can be made when reaching out to people, but these are among the most common and significant ones.

The good news? By correcting your mistakes, you should begin to see your company’s visibility increase. For example, if your mistake was failing to correctly identify what your customers truly want, once you have identified it like we discussed previously, your entire marketing campaign will then change for the better.


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