Unexpected Business Tips for Your Staff, Clients, and Yourself


It seems like business tips have run dry. Of course, everyone will say to prioritize around your company’s goals and weed out the unproductive. We have several, unexpected and useful business tips to shake up your work day, work environment and staff.

For Your Staff

Many managers falsely believe that their staff is the root of so many problems. Whether you’re a manager blaming your team or an executive trying to make meaningful changes, these tips can help improve your leadership skills, reign in unruly staff, and motivate unhappy employees.

First, address the excuses. When people begin listing off reasons why something wasn’t done or was left by the wayside, they’re excuses. Listen to them, and here’s the tip: offer help to resolve the excuse. When you address excuses as actual concerns, you show employees you care, even when they know you probably shouldn’t.

Another tip for your staff is to encourage listening and test it. It might seem like people are eager and happy to please, but then everything falls apart. Why? They didn’t listen. Now, going around telling people that they didn’t listen won’t work. To get people to listen you can:

  • Ask for their opinion after you speak.
  • Ask your worst listener to take notes for you or the team.
  • Take questions at the end of the discussion, not the end.

For Your Clients

Stop giving your client’s information about the competition. You have probably seen the Samsung v. Apple commercials, and you might have even use something like “Unlike other companies we offer…” The tip here, don’t even address your competition; in other words, worry about yourself.

The second thing to keep in mind when addressing your clients is to focus on traditional courtesies. It might seem like thank-you cards, are a waste of money and time. But, little, time-honored traditions can have a huge impact. Send your clients thank-you cards. Also, send cards, or make a personal phone call for holidays that you know the client celebrates.

For Yourself

The most important aspect of business might just be your actions. Whether you are a manager or a business owner you’re here reading this because you want to rock the boat a little bit. The first tip for yourself is to start coaching or consulting. Not only can you make money on the side, but you will increase your knowledge base. Many people will learn more on a subject when they’re teaching. Do be careful not to break any agreement you have with your employer.

A final tip, which is so difficult for most people in leadership positions, is to let go. Many employees feel suffocated and unable to grow or underappreciated because they’re going above and beyond only to get scolded for their efforts. Yes, you have great ideas, but they’ll only get you so far. Give your employees the chance to improve processes, the work environment and even relationships with your clients. Give your staff the chance to test what does and does not work. If you can let go, you’ll create an environment of growth.


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