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Essay writing is an important academic process for students; essays are used to evaluate the student’s level of comprehension. Students’ ability to write an essay coherently determines their grades. However, students feel overwhelmed by several essay assignments like term papers, evaluation tests or other writing-related tasks that constitute 80 percent of their grades. In college, most students are constantly under pressure to maintain good grades. To ease the academic pressure that comes in form of essays, most students look for innovative ways that includes using professional writing services. Essay writing services have both advantages and disadvantages, below is some few pros and cons of using online essay writing services.


1. It frees up your time

One of the most common advantages of using essay services is that it saves time, essay services eases the academic pressure; enabling students to focus on other important academic processes and also have free time to engage in other non-academic activities.

2. You can set up any deadline you need

Online services have flexible schedules; students can be sure of receiving quality paper even if the deadline is fast approaching. Using online services you have the freedom to dictate the deadline, therefore students can utilize online services to have perfect paper be delivered in a short period of time.

When it comes to essay writing, time is the major factor, most students find themselves with no time to complete their assignments that is why they look for professional help. Online services are fast and reliable, you are sure of receiving your essay prior to the deadline set by you.

3. The professional product will be nearly error-free

Students do not want to compromise on the quality; the last thing anyone would want is to submit a low-quality assignment. That is why most students prefer using online services because they are guaranteed to get good grades. Essay writing services are known to offer high-quality paper which is error free.  Online services are tailored based on specified requirement, you have the freedom to describe what you want and receive quality content based on these specifications.

4. You don’t need to think how to search the information

The most adventurous part of using online services is that you do not have to spend much time searching for relevant information for your essay; all these processes will be done by a professional team. Students often struggle to develop essays from scratch as they feel frustrated by the whole process. Not all students have adequate knowledge of writing a perfect essay. Essay writing requires good research and writing skills that take time to learn. Online services save you from thinking about how to go about searching for information and creating a perfect essay.


5. You will have to spend money

With all the above advantages there are disadvantages of using essay writing services, to identify a reliable service provider, you have to spend some time and money. If you want quality content this means you need to engage the best service providers capable of producing perfect essays.  Professional writers with writing experience will have a good understanding of the essay requirement and the writing style. Therefore, when you pay for professional services, it means paying more to receive quality services.

It’s important to remember that writers work under strict deadlines and the amount of pressure and high expectation contributes to the overall price of the services. When seeking help with your essay, you have to pay more to get the best services. Searching for the best services takes time and involves spending more money to get the best.

6. You can be caught for cheating

Seeking for professional essay help comes with a lot of uncertainty because one can receive plagiarized work. There are instances where individual’s work can be classified as cheating if he orders for custom essay papers and hand over the work as an original paper. Students do not have time to re-write essays especially after receiving sample of a completed work from a professional service provider. Instead, they re-use the same words used by the writer.

Most companies purport to offer the best essay services but are out to make money from unsuspecting students. Some of the online services do not thoroughly research on student assignment, they copy and paste from other sources, submitting plagiarized content to clients. Students get penalized for cheating and end up receiving lower grades.

There are many custom essay writing services that help students overcome academic pressure, but some sites offer bad quality or plagiarized papers.  Online writing services create essays on behalf of students and let them hand this work in as their own, which is cheating. Not many companies are willing to provide expert tutoring and assistance, instead, they are out to make money. Since students cannot afford professional essay services from reputable companies, they rely on cheap services that do not offer original contents.

It’s a choice and the responsibility of every student to review their choices by taking into account all the possible risks and consequences of using essay writing services because, in the end, the price they will pay will be much higher when they are caught cheating than just paying a couple dollars only to receive plagiarized work.

7. You will need to learn the topic anyway

Even though professional online services can be a relief for students, in the end, students will still have to learn the topic for future assignments. You cannot know the topic unless you take your time and research on the topic. It is advisable to create some spare time to learn the topic by writing essays instead of depending on online services.

Even if you get the best academic writers to come up with a perfect essay, this is just a temporary relief because, in the long run, you are required to internalize the topic and present it based on your understanding. That is why you should consider if advantages of using online services outweigh the disadvantage before deciding to use these services.


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