How the Vaping Industry Has Adapted to Digital Marketing


The vaping industry is a highly adaptive one – and it needs to be. Due to the nature of vaping, marketing in the traditional sense is often not an option. As such, the vaping industry has predominately turned to digital marketing to spread the word, and it has thrived in this environment. How it has done so is predominately through community building. Unlike most other industries, helpful guides and key information is circulated predominately by the vaping companies that rule the scene.

Those within the vaping industry’s top tactics have helped them make vaping more popular in young adults than ever, and if it continues, could see an even further rise in this industry. Some of the top digital marketing trends that have helped them achieve this include:

Industry Transparency  

Transparency is a huge plus for companies in today’s digital world. When vaping companies are helpful and transparent regarding the products they offer and what is available, those using the products feel more comfortable. Vapers know exactly what they are looking for with a vaping brand, making it easy for companies to provide the information they need to, which promotes customer communication and satisfaction.

Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing is a simple but effective marketing tool for the digital age. By simply targeting vaping users, rather than try to attract citizens who do not enjoy the pastime, they can improve their sales figures.

Helpful Tutorials

There is a not a lot of documentation out there about vaping news and tutorials, except for those in the vaping industry. If users want something positive or helpful, they, therefore, need to turn to vaping companies, as far too much of media organizations today opt for the controversy and fear-mongering aspects of vaping.

This has worked in the favor for the vaping industry, as it pushes more users to visit their site for all their vaping-related needs. This, in turn, allows them to build stronger relationships with their customers and even helped them build engaged and communicative communities online that they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

Community Building

One of the best tips for building up both your digital reputation and boosting your SEO ranking is to create a blog for your industry. This blog is often hosted on your own website. It’s goal is to give users both useful information and to also rank well on Google searches even if your main page or product page do not. Vaping companies like do this very well, selling both a mature and modern-looking product while simultaneously providing key information about vaping on their site. It is this community building aspect that helps bring vaping enthusiasts and keeps them there that has benefited the industry immensely.

All industries can take a page out of the digital marketing playbook that the vaping industry has made for itself. By providing their users with key information and up-to-date news, they have become not only the product, but the industry leaders for all things vaping-related.


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