Voilà Partners with Award-Winning European Roaster, La Cabra


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Voilà Specialty Instant Coffee partners with Denmark-based, La Cabra, to expand the reach of specialty instant coffee in Europe.

Voil à and La Cabra today announced a partnership that will give coffee lovers the ability to drink La Cabra’s Burundi Nkonge PB anytime and anywhere. On July 25 this exclusive batch of coffee, sourced from the Long Miles Coffee Project, was made available as instant coffee, giving specialty coffees drinkers across Europe the opportunity to drink the best specialty coffee, instantly.

Voilà revolutionized the specialty coffee industry by reinventing the way traditional instant coffee is made; each cup is meticulously handcrafted from the highest quality specialty coffees in the world, upholding the quality from farm-to-cup. Voilà brings accessibility to specialty coffee by giving customers the ability to try high-scoring specialty coffees without investing in expensive equipment. The instant coffee can be taken anywhere – all that is needed is water – to make an amazing cup of coffee.

La Cabra’s philosophy is that brighter is better. La Cabra sources great raw material and
ensures that farmers earn a decent living. These coffees are roasted for customers around the world and contribute to the highest level of specialty coffee craftsmanship. At La Cabra, curiosity is at their core and they are constantly looking to improve in all they do. By inviting people to partake in an eye-opening experience of aromas and flavors, La Cabra builds understanding of how delicious food and drink can inform and transform everyday appreciation of life.

La Cabra’s dedication to their sourcing practices is exemplified in the Nkonge PB from the Long Miles Coffee Project (LMCP), a small family endeavor, growing and producing unique micro-lots of coffee in Burundi, East Africa. LMCP connects small hills of coffee farming families with roasters who believe that exceptional coffee includes traceability, unique micro climates, and the power of the human spirit.

This project resonates with Voil à founder, Kent Sheridan. “We are bringing together one of the best roasters in the world serving our favorite coffee of this year, the Burundi, Nkonge PB. This is not only one of the best coffees that we have tasted all year, but the story behind the project is so unique and needs to be shared.”

Voilà and La Cabra is now selling the instant coffee online and in La Cabra locations.

Voilà’s guest roaster program was launched just last month with launch partner ST. ALi of Melbourne. Voil à plans to highlight one exceptional coffee roaster each month, g iving customers access to a larger variety of roasters and specialty instant coffees from all over the world. In addition to the guest roaster program, Voilà has 14 coffee roaster partners in the U.S. and continues to expand, with instant coffee available at voila.coffee through a monthly subscription or as a one-time purchase.

About Voilà
The vision of Voilà is to make the best instant coffee in the world with full transparency from farm to roaster to cup – allowing anyone from a master barista to your average joe to enjoy a surprisingly balanced and delicious cup of coffee in seconds. This naturally lets customers try new coffees from roasters all across the world, broadening their palate and enjoyment for the world of high quality, ethically sourced coffees. Voilà operates primarily as a monthly subscription sold direct-to-consumer. Customers order subscriptions and one-time-purchases online at voila.coffee – they can then choose how many cups per month they would like, customize their taste preferences, and receive amazing instant coffee that is ready in seconds.


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