Webfoot Painting Announces Top Eight Finalists in Project Serious Giveaway


Webfoot Painting has released its top eight finalists in its Teacher Edition of the Webfoot Project Serious $15,000 Giveaway. The giveaway is for “seriously great people tackling serious needs.” The eight finalists are as follows:

  • Stephanie Boni — Bear Creek Elementary
  • Valerie Overley — Pilot Butte Middle School
  • Matt Garcia — RPA Middle School
  • Allison Harris — North Star Elementary
  • Becki Moore — Ridgeview High School
  • Amy Sheffer — High Lakes Elementary
  • Katie Van Horn — Lava Ridge Elementary
  • Valerie Simms — Buckingham Elementary

There were nearly 20 nominees, and Webfoot boiled them down to the top eight. Now, the finalists need your help! Webfoot is opening this part of the contest to social media so that the public can vote on which SERIOUSLY GREAT teacher should get $15,000 in FREE services. Watch their video submissions here, and make your official vote!

The rules for social media voting are as follows:

  • Social voting begins now and runs through March 4, 2020.
  • Anyone and everyone is allowed one vote!
  • Finalists are encouraged to promote and share to get more votes.
  • March 4: Social voting ends.
  • The three nominees with the most votes will move on.
  • The one with the most number of social votes will get one “Webfoot vote.”
  • Webfoot staff will vote on which of the top three should win.
  • The nominee with the most “Webfoot Votes” will win!
  • March 5: Winner of the $15,000 of free services is announced!

For more information, call 541-390-0590.



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