What Should You Write About on Your Personal Blog? 6 Places to Get Ideas


You have a personal blog, and you know how to use it.

There’s just one problem. You actually have no idea what you should write about. At least, not after you’re done writing about how you have nothing to write about and no leads on where to begin.

This sounds like a classic case of writer’s block. But don’t lose heart. Writer’s block is curable. Once you get yourself over the hump and begin churning out quality writing once more, it’ll be like nothing ever happened.

Need some inspiration to get started? These six places are reliable sources of content ideas for your personal blog, no matter its interests. Train yourself to consult them regularly.

  1. Your Most Prolific LinkedIn Contacts’ Archives

Your LinkedIn network is a gold mine for blogging ideas. Set your profile to anonymous viewing and your contacts never need to know you’ve been plumbing their profiles for inspiration. Of course, you must credit any ideas you do borrow — that’s the golden rule of blogging (despite uneven observance).

  1. A Likeminded Entrepreneur’s Personal Blog

Entrepreneurs tend to be fonts of inspiration. As just one example: the personal blog for tech entrepreneur Kris Duggan features multiple articles about topics squarely within Duggan’s sphere of expertise. You’d do well to follow this model on your own blog.

  1. Medium.com, The World’s “Blog in a Box”

Create a Medium account and spend a few hours one weekend reading highly trafficked posts. You’ll encounter a more diverse spectrum of opinion, thought, and expertise here than almost anywhere else, and it’s all free.

  1. Your Favorite Brand’s Corporate Blog

There’s more overlap between corporate and personal blogging than many independent bloggers like to admit. Bookmark your favorite brands’ blogs and visit regularly for inspiration that doesn’t strike elsewhere.

  1. Google (And Its Keyword Planner Tool)

This is two sources for the price of one: the world’s least technical and least precise (the organic Google searches that you already do every day) and the most technical (on this list, at least — Google’s Keyword Planner Tool. Both are vital sources of raw material for any well-rounded blog’s publishing calendar.

  1. Your Own Experience

What’s the most interesting thing you did or saw this week? This month? Don’t keep it to yourself — blog about it! Even, and maybe especially, if it doesn’t directly pertain to your day job.

Write Like Your Career Depends on It

Your personal blog is a place for you to express yourself. To show who you really are. To muse about topics you don’t get to discuss much in professional settings — or to expand on topics that your professional duties don’t give you time to treat with the care they deserve.

Your personal blog is all this and more. Without exaggeration, what you write (and how you write it) on your personal blog could influence the trajectory of your career if it gets you noticed — for better or worse.

Let’s focus on the “better” side of that duality. You know what needs to be done to make a blog that you can be proud of. It’s now time to go out and do it.


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