Why is SEO so important?


Have you ever wondered if your company need SEO? Perhaps you are wondering if it really is such a big deal. Perhaps you are wondering what it even is in the first place. In this blog today we are going to take you through exactly what SEO is and why it’s critical for your business’s success. Keep reading to learn more.

First of all, SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the ranking of your website or even Yelp page when someone types it into Google. When you have a high SEO ranking on Google or Bing, then more people are more likely to click on it. For example, when was the last time you scrolled through Google? Probably not recently if not ever. This is because Google understands what you are typing into Google and gives you the best options. One of those top options is typically a great choice for you. That makes you most likely not continuing to scroll through the options. This means that if your website is ranked higher on the web then you will end up having more and more people click on it. If it is ranked on number 40 right now then you can rank it to page 1, and even at the bottom, then you will have double the amount of people clicking on your website. If you then can get it to the top couple on Google, it will triple the amount of people clicking on your website.

A good tip from https://www.pkseo.com.au/ is; when you are looking at your analytics for how many people are clicking on your website now, perhaps you are seeing about 100  per month. Of those 100 people, you may see about 20 of them convert into a sale. Now, if you are tripling (or more) the amount of people that are clicking on your website and then the same percentage of people are converting then your sale are drastically increasing.

There are so many different ways that you can be increasing your SEO. It is so important to keep these in mind so that your website ranking increases. When you increase your SEO, your website will look overall better too. For example, you want to fix any typos throughout your website which will help your SEO ranking. That then means that you have a much more professional website that looks well put together. That is not the only tip we are going to give you though. Here are three others that will help your overall SEO ranking on Google.


The first recommendation we would like to talk about is Blogging. Why is blogging so important? It will help people to find you. Google likes to see a website put up new contact and switch around their website on a regular basis. Most people don’t actually like to change around their website will completely new content and that is why they start to blog. They are able to talk about topics which will add new content to their site which will increase their search engine optimization. Also, if they are adding content that people are searching for and then people end up on their website. From looking at that blog they will start looking around the website. It’s important to not only be blogging on a regular basis but also to write about good quality content that will help your SEO keywords ranking and also people enjoying following your blog. Don’t commit to more than you can do. That means that don’t blog 3 times one week and then nothing for a couple of months. Try and make it consistent. You can sit down 2 times per month and write two blogs. The second one you can schedule out 2 weeks from that date so that you always have fresh content going out.

Fast running

There is nothing more annoying than a website that just won’t seem to run. This is because it is slow moving. People get annoyed by a slow moving computer and eventually move on. They click off of your website and start clicking on your competitors. Guess what? That person then stops being a fan of your website and won’t be clicking on it again and is now a competitor’s sale just because you have a slow moving website. It is not just that though. If someone clicks right off your website then Google things there is a reason they are clicking off of it. They think it is moving slow. They think that content is not good for the viewer and they start to rank you lower so that people are not unhappy once they click on your website. That is why it’s important to ensure your website is running as quickly as possible.

Add images

Adding images can make a huge difference throughout your website. You can title the image a keyword or keyword phrase so that it helps your SEO too. People are visual learners so it is important to match the image to the description on the page.

As you can see, there are so many great reasons to start having an SEO strategy for your business. It will not only help your website receive more views but it will help convert more people to purchase your product or coming right into your store. Although it may cost money at the beginning, it will be worth it a couple months later when your sales are skyrocketing and continue to do so. We hope this helps and you are on your way to a high ranking website through search engine optimization.


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