How to Win at Twin Spin?


Time after time, you’ve seen other people roll their dice and get extremely lucky or pulling the handle to that slot machine and land on a jackpot. The look on their faces when they hit that lucky note is a look of pure joy, one that you can get too.

Going to the slot machines isn’t as tedious a task anymore, as they say on, “Online slot machines have surpassed their land-based counterparts by a long way now”. You can just head to a website or open an application on your phone and do it from there. But did you ever wonder if there was some secret behind how to increase your odds when you’re about to test your luck on Twin Spin?

Here are 3 tips that will help you win big on Twin Spin:

Know Your Chances on the Bets

Every different slot machine also has a different chance percentage, and knowing what chances you’re up against may just help you understand how to turn the odds to your favor. When it comes to Twin Spin, it has a medium to high variance, which means that the wins will be less frequent but will yield big rewards. With that in mind, it’s probably best to have enough funds to be able to continue for the long ride rather than hope for the best with a small amount when you can’t afford to stay on it for too long to be able to finally hit a big win and make some money.

Hope for Twin Reels

Although the theme of Twin Spin maybe very retro and old-school, it certainly doesn’t follow the traditional old-school way the slot-machine functions. It has an entirely new option made for just raising your chances in winning. Landing on what’s called ‘Twin Reels’ links two adjacent reels together making their reward identical. This greatly increases your chances on landing a big win, you just have to hope that the other reels like you. The best part is that it’s not just limited to two lines, it can go up to all five if you’re lucky!

Believe in the High RTP Rate

Knowing your chances along with the Return to Player value will help you understand if you’re going to be in luck any time soon or not, as the RTP rate for Twin Spin is 96.6% (higher than the average 93-94%). Being aware of the rates will help you stay patient and continue spinning until you eventually hit that big win that’s headed your way. As long as you understand how long it may potentially take for you to get to where you want to be, the journey there will be smooth and simple.

Best of Luck!

You now know the secrets of how to get that big win that you’ve always seen but never thought you’d get. It’s just a matter of understanding the numbers involved and how much it takes to get lucky. Wondering why you haven’t received your big win yet and getting frustrated that you haven’t so you end up stopping is one of the main reasons why you haven’t gotten it yet.


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